Babies Teething Remedies, helpful in pain relief

Is your teething baby keeping you up at night? It is a common problem which every parent is facing. In this article i will tell you some common babies teething remedies for parents to adopt, by which parents can get the solution of sore teeth of their babies.

Parents have complained to doctors that babies have issues drooling, flushed checks, having habit of chew hand, less appetite, rashes and fever these all diseases related to the growing teeth.

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

While babies differ in when they start teething, how it progresses is predictable. Teeth come in groups of four. Normally babies begin teething at six months and finish by 30 months, according to the given below sequence:

  • 6–8 months – 4 lower incisors
  • 8–10 months – 4 upper incisors
  • 12–15 months – first molars
  • 20–24 months – upper and lower eye teeth
  • 20–30 months – second molars

Since there’s not only a single babies teething remedy, which will magically help in pain relief of your baby. Pressure and pain relief are the keys to soothe sore gums, but figuring out which teething remedy works for your baby is a matter of trial and error. Let’s have a look on the natural babies teething remedies for both day and night time that will be great helpful in pain relief of  your little one’s gums.

Daytime Babies teething remedies, Pain relief cures

1. Cucumbers or celery can use as babies teething remedies:

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

Cucumbers or celery you might ask? Yes, babies teething remedies with these two veggies actually work! First you can peel off the skin and seeds of a cold cucumber. You can add some salt if your baby loves it & then give the whole piece to your little one to suck on. It is bit safer because babies can’t choke on any pieces when they hold the entire cucumber. But this baby teething remedy will works good in pain relief of your baby.

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

Celery is also very beneficial in case your baby doesn’t have much teeth. Celery might get a little stringy sometimes depending on how much teeth they have. Simply make sure to watch out for them regardless of what you give them relying upon what number of teeth they have and the amount they can bite. Cool celery or cucumbers feel so great and taste incredible which will calm them in a matter of moments. These two babies teething remedies can work well in long term.

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2. Amber babies teething remedies necklace:

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

Amber teething necklaces is very helpful if use as  teething remedy and it is also designed to be worn by babies during their teething. It is said that Amber get heated  from child’s heat. And when it gets heat, it release some oil which contain succinic acid. The succinic acid absorbed bloodstream and helpful in baby’s pain relif. That’s because succinic acid is:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • immune boosting,
  • antioxidant-rich
  • and calming and soothing

Amber in its natural state remains popular to wear for everyone from babies to those suffering from arthritis for its pain relieving power. I have friends who bought it for their little ones. And their babies loved it. It’s definitely worth trying as a babies teething remedy for your baby. Also make sure to check you are getting a real amber teething necklace. I repeat make sure you are getting the original product form the real company. Because There are plenty of knock offs out there that don’t do anything at all.

3. Teething toys can use in babies teething remedies:

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

Baby teething toys surely help babies in pain relief, because they find toy’s surface very smooth and plain. When they chew with pressure teeth will grow gradually.

Teething rings are the most basic teething toy and can come in solid plastic or be filled with water. They soothe your baby’s sensitive gums and usually have a subtle texture.

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

Staged teething toys are meant to be with your baby throughout all stages of teething. They usually come in a pack of 3-4 that have diverse teethers particularly made for that explicit phase of getting teeth your child is in. These teethers can make it simple for mothers, as they are prepared to go when your infant is going into the following getting teeth organize. These babies teething remedies or teething toys are amazingly relief  the pain of baby as well as in loosing their stress.

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4. Fresh food babies teething feeders and pacifiers :

  • 1st of all its very easy process, mesh the fruit you want that your baby must try, and put then in pacifiers.
  • This fresh food teething feeder and pacifiers tastes great on their gums.
  • Feeder helps lessen the risk of choking – only small pieces of digestible food get through.

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

  • Pacifiers are like fruits are mashed in a feeder but not much messy. This is for the babies who are age of 3 or 4 months.
  • These feeders and pacifiers are best to soothe your munchkin gums. With this babies teething remedy you can give your child, all types of taste that you want your baby feel that taste.

5. Frozen breast milk:

breast milk contains everything the infant requirements for the initial a half year of life, in all the right proportion. Its arrangement even changes as per the child’s changing needs, particularly during the primary month of life.

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

On the off chance that you have any extra milk, pour some into an ice-cube tray, smash or crush the cube and your infant will love eating them. If your baby is too young for a big dice, you can put one into the teethers or pacifiers above. Both will work great as babies teething remedies.

6. Popsicles as a baby teething remedy:

Breast milk can play a vital role in babies teething remedies, breast milk popsicle for babies is different than making popsicles in a regular popsicle mold. You want a mold that is shaped for baby’s mouth. This means finding a mold for mini popsicles.

The fresh fruitsicle frozen pop tray is a great option for breast milk popsicles. It offers the perfect shape for baby’s mouth. It’s wide enough they won’t gag on it but shaped small enough to fit their mouth.


  • Pacifying pain in teething baby
  • Fun activity for a baby
  • Nutritious treatment for younger babies and toddlers
  • Good use for extra breast milk

babies teething remedies helpful in pain relief

To make a breast milk popsicle simply follow these steps:

  1. Use a pump to have some fresh breast milk.
  2. Pour it into popsicle mold leaving enough space for expanding liquid.
  3. Freeze for a couple of hours
  4. Grab a pop and let baby enjoy
  5. by adopting this baby teething remedies you can give a change to your baby, and he will not get bore.
  6. If you are facing any sort of trouble getting the popsicle out of the mold, run it under warm water for a few seconds. It will release up the popsicle and it will pop right out.

Nighttime babies teething remedies for little humans

1. Essential oils for babies teething remedies:

babies teething remedies helpful in pain reliefEssential oils can also use to get help as a babies teething remedy, because these are homemade oils and works best on humans. Every problem can be cured with different kind of oils. If you’re interested! Essential oils need to be used very carefully, especially on babies. Such oils are very strong on the other side.

2. Here is an essential oil for babies teething remedies that works wonders on teething babies 2 months+!

Most of us want to use clove oil, i know it works well but as the clove oil is very hot and that’s why there is a chance that is may hurt the skin of your baby. Instead of it You can replace this oil with some mild oils.

Essential oils aren’t something to mess with and are very strong so always use them carefully. Remember the given below oil is meant to be used externally not internally.

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3. Essential oil for babies teething remedy for babies Age (2 months +)

  1. Take 1 drop of Lavender oil
  2. 1 1/2 tablespoon of Coconut oil
  3. 1 drop of German chamomile oil

Mix all the ingredients together and rub along the jaw line on the outside of the mouth. It will help your child to sleep better. Be careful your baby doesn’t rub the oils off or onto their fingers and into their eyes. This is the best homemade teething remedy for your baby.

4. Stronger teething remedy for older babies Age (18 months – 2 years+)

Use this teething remedy daily to get good result.

  1. Take 1 drop of Copaiba oil
  2. Add 1 1/2 tablespoon of Coconut oil
  3. Add 1 drop of Clove oil

 6.Immune system boosters:

Many of the children having rash bump and runny nose. To help fight a portion of these manifestations, ensure they are eating well nourishment and make certain to add some great supplements to help support their resistance amid this time.

7. Frozen clean cloths :

This one requires no such effort but it works and feels great on their teeth. I’ve seen people who throw some small piece of cloths in the freezer and baby love to chew these cloths. They feel calm a relief on their teeth and can hold them in bed at night to help soothe pain and put them back to sleep. Most of us use this babies teething remedy to calm the weeping baby.

I hope some of these babies teething remedies will help you and your baby! I know how hard those teething years can be and so many sleepless nights. But I will highly recommend you to use these babies teething remedies and then you will get the most suitable ones for you and your babies.

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