30 days plank challenge for beginners

Bodyweight workouts are getting popularity in the 2k17 because it’s very simple and easy workouts for the beginners well. And also practical for getting in proper shape. Here in this article, I’m going to tell you the most popular exercise called plank workout. Which is effective for burning fats fast but hard to do. Plank is a part of the exercise, have a look at 30 days plank challenge for beginners,  I also do planks for a flat belly. It’s a necessary part of the exercise.

plank challenge

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30 days plank challenge for beginners

30 days plank challenge has turned out to be hard as well. I’m at the ending days of my challenge and it really works well. Most of the people want to get rid of their fats fast, and in the act they do exercise, but all in vain. They do exercise for one week and then they leave it. They failed because they don’t do exercise in a proper way. And also wants to get the best results in a week. Which is not possible. You have no need of special machinery to do plank exercise for burning fats. Just you need one carpet or exercise mat for doing the exercise well. So follow my instructions and do them well.

I’m going to tell you the different types of planks workout that you have to need to do if you want to lose your weight and burn your fats.


First of all, you need to do this plank. This plank helps to lose belly fat. This plank is an easy plank. Bend your arms on the exercise mat or any type of carpet that you have required at home easily. Then take the position as like as for the pushups. But remember that you have to bend your arms well. Then wait for at least 30 seconds. And repeat it 2 times. In the beginning, 30 seconds would be enough, but time-to-time, you have to increase your time. Try to do the normal plank for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. I know it’s difficult, but if you will do this daily, you can do it for 3 minutes after some days.


Side plank helps to lose the weight from the right and left side of the belly fats. And also lose the back fats. Side plank is difficult to do but also as effective as all. This is an often-overlooked exercise for building perfect abs.

After taking this position, you have to start your timer. And do this exercise for 20 seconds on the first day. After time-to-time, you have to increase your time limit so that you can get a better result of it.  You have to increase your time duration from 20 seconds to 40 seconds. And if you can do it for one minute. It’s best for you. But 40 seconds are enough.

You can also do this,

This is also a good side plank for burning fats. I also do this plank for one minute with the help of 10 seconds repetition for both of the sides. This helps to lose fat fast.


Plank pushups are difficult. Infect, when I was doing plank pushups, it was difficult to do for me too much, because, in this position, all the weight of your body apply pressure on your arms. Take a position like the as normal plank. And then start your plank pushups. I’ll show you the position in the picture below.  Do this 10 times. And then take rest. Then again 10 repetitions again. Then rest. You have to this for one minute with 10 repetitions.

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This is easy and simple plank. This plank is starting from head to toe. All the planks have the same benefits almost. All planks help to reduce fats. Some planks lose belly fats, some lose chest fats. Some lose back fats etc. I’m going to show the head to toe position of the plank below.

You have to do this plank for 20 seconds. Then you have to take a rest. And then again repeat this for 20 seconds. Like this, you have to do 3 times. Remember that in this position, you have to neutral your neck. Gradually, you have to increase your repetitions with time.


Start in a full plank position, then you have to engage your abdominals and pull your right knee towards your chest. And then pull the other knee. You have to do this for 30 seconds continuously.


Starting in a full plank position. Then keep your hips steady as possible as you reach your left hand to tap your right hand. Then place your left hand back into its starting position. Then again do this for the other hand or another side. I mean, then tap our right hand to the left hand. And place your right hand back into it’s starting position. You have to do this for 20-30 seconds normally. Then gradually you have to increase your time limit.


The plank exercise uses your own body weight. Start in a basic plank position on your forearms. Then you have to press up onto your right hand and the again on your left hand. After this, you should be in a full plank position. Then next, lower back down to a forearm plank. Then starting with your right side again. And repeat this for 10 times or 30 seconds. Then again repeat this for more 10 times or 30 seconds.


Rocking plank is used to build a core and shoulders strong. You have to lay down your face on the floor. Then you have to place your palms of your hands on the floor. So that your palms place directly under the shoulder with fingers pointing towards. Then you have to dig your toes into the floor and then extend your arms moving to the top of the pushups position. Repeat these steps 10 times. And gradually, you need to increase your repetitions from time to time.

So, this is the 30 days plank challenge for you to lose your fats. And you can get a proper body shape. Remember that, you have to do this continuously for 2 to 3 months at least.

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