How to assess a new relationship?

Every kind of a relationship goes through different stages. Here we are talking about your romantic relationships. If any party tries to skip any stage of the relationship, it becomes really messy and hard to continue and know the status of compatibility and commitment in the relation.

Whether it is a new relationship or a established one, you should assess your relationships to know if everything is going smooth and good. To assess your new relationship, we have prepared this article for you. Here are 5 steps to assess your new relationship as it is a very important phase.


The meeting and getting to know each other happens in this stage. It is all very exciting and intriguing. You try to spend lots of time with each other so in this stage, learn if you are still new to each other.

Ty to notice if you are asking questions to know more about the other person. Check if you are still asking about the likes and dislikes of the other person, hobbies, interests or beliefs.

Assess your compatibility and level of comfort with each other. To do this, ask yourself some questions like

  • Are you comfortable with the person?
  • Is he or she caring and friendly or kind of controlling and mean?
  • Does he get irritable and unhappy sometimes or is he generally a very fun and cool person to be around?


The relationship is new so it is natural that you are supposed to be thinking about them a lot and idealizing them. You naturally get very excited to see them and are unable to see any flaw in them.

That happens because beginning of a relationship is all about infatuation and romance. So you must be going through some physical signs of attraction when you see or think about the other person.

  • You blush upon his name being mentioned.
  • You get trembling hands.
  • You can feel your heart beat increasing rapidly.
  • Unable to keep eye contact.


Keep your behavior on check. Make sure you keep going out of your way to do nice things for your partner. Make your partner feel loved by your attempts to flatter them or light flirting.


Keep trying to impress your partner. But you should know what the boundaries are of this going out of your way to impress all the time. Some examples for impressing are as following:

  • Put in some effort and time to look extra good like wear nicer clothes when meeting him or her.
  • Cancel some non-important meet ups of yours to spend more time with him or her. This will make the other person feel special.


In this stage, you pretty much know about your partner as you have spent quite a lot of time with you partner. It is important to know if the relationship is a deep meaningful relationship or it actually is just fun.

You should ask yourself some questions to know about the status of your relationship. Ask yourself:

  • Is the person is comforting and supporting you in your good and bad times or decisions?
  • Is your partner trusts you fully to be honest with you very comfortably?
  • Is your partner respectful towards you, your family and friends?
  • Is your partner understanding of your habits or sense of humor?


Some people keep expecting you to be the same when you were in you meeting stage. On the other hand some people get so comfortable because of all the time spent together; they are in kind of post honeymoon phase or called realistic love.

These differences have the ability to affect your relationship. So being comfortable is good, it means you are in established relationship and out of the infatuation phase. Put some attention and think about:

  • Whether you like to spend your time with friends or your partner.
  • Everybody needs some alone time so think about how much time you want of that.
  • Who will be paying for stuff when you two go out together?
  • Know how much physical touch or affection you both need.
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