How to Treat Dry Skin on Face

Either it is winter or summer, complete skincare is so necessary to survive life. If you do not take care of your skin properly it will end up with dryness, cracks and rough film of body. This is important to keep in mind that skin is the most sensitive layer of the body that works as a protective shield against the infection. In the case of carelessness, you may face infections and serious skin issues. We are concerned to cover the most important skin hack. It has been observed that people remain confused about their skin treatments. Those who have dry skin often asked about How to Treat Dry Skin on Face. Here it will be cleared to all of you.

How to Treat Dry Skin on Face

Before starting the main discussion and dive into the Baby oil vs lotion debate, it is necessary to enlighten the significance and importance of skincare. Skin is a delicate part of the body that get stressed in either condition too hot or too cold. It is essential to maintain a balance you must not have too much oily or dry skin. In either case, you should try some beauty care tricks or hacks otherwise you will end up losing the moisture and softness of your skin.

Keeping the skin moist and healthy helps to fight against the germs. Dry skin leads to the cracks in the skin that are more prone to the infection. A person should be selective in picking the skincare product when he is going through such a situation. The products that have scent or perfume may cause irritation. Do not use harsh soaps, otherwise, you will get allergy.

baby oil vs lotion

In terms of beauty- Baby oil vs lotion

Keeping our primary outermost layer hydrated gives a sense of freshness as well as defense against the harsh environment. If I add my experience, it is not that much good with the baby oil. I have found that it just gets absorbed in the skin but does not nourish it as much as I need. Many other fellows also shared their experiences with baby oils and lotions. Considering all these experiences we will start a debate on Baby oil vs lotion. More than this we made a call to experts over this matter to the verdict which is more suitable to the skin baby oil or lotion. Keep calm and go through this.

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There is a difference in adults and the baby’s skin. The baby when born needs nourishment. And this scarcity has to be fulfilled from some outer sources. To give the baby’s skin complete nourishment, baby oils were introduced. If we talk about adult skin the baby oil is not more than mineral oil. There is nothing to nourish the adult skin.  If you want to have oil for nourishment of the skin then go for the plant extracts. The original oil that nourishes the body. The oil do you put on your skin is just absorbing you cannot really take this as a moisturizer, to truly moisturize your skin you are required to use proper products that have moisturizing nature and pure ingredients to nourish the skin. A healthy and nourish skin means your skin is hydrated. It is a fact as you grow older, the water loss from the body increases. So at that time, you will need both the occlusive oils and moisturizer at the same time.

Advantages of Moisturizer Lotion

Every woman wishes for youthful skin that is possible by keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated. It has been seen that women apply the moisturizer, cleanser and many other beauty products on the face. They take great care of their face skin which is really appreciable, but at the same time, they should keep the same care of their hands and feet. The skin of hands and feet shows the signs of aging at the most. Apply lotions to keep your skin look healthy and young. Here are some benefits that lotion gives.


baby oil vs lotion

Hydrate the Skin

It is useful to hydrate the skin. Whether it is hot or dry or cold, your skin needs moisturizer all the time so moisturizing it with lotion becomes essential.

Address the rough spots

Some of the body parts, like elbows, become dark and dry no matter what type of environment is. Applying lotion on these parts regularly can remove the dark pits and make it even-toned

Gives a relaxing feel

In a harsh or tough environment, itching or stretching in public places does not seem good. It irritates you and the others. To avoid this situation use the moisturizer lotions or creams it will make you feel relax for any sort of atmosphere


Continuous working sweat your body and then your body gives out some bad aroma to handle that apply moisturizing lotions that have fragrance in them.

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Anti-aging, smooth and glowing skin

The moisturizing lotions and creams have the capacity to change the formation of wrinkles. The very high-quality products even stop the signs of aging up to the maximum level of age. They contain some keratins agents that are helpful in retaining the glowing youthful look of the skin. So apply these moisturizers regularly to have a smooth, glowing and youthful younger look.

Effective ways to use Baby Oil

Although baby oil is not that much preferable to use on the skin. But we can add some tricks to use baby oil in the daily skincare routine.

baby oil vs lotion

Cleansing and oiling

While you are oiling the skin, it is always at the first priority to use the essential oils but for up to some level you can add baby oil in it as well. This will help to make your skin smooth and soft.

To remove the makeup

Use the baby oil to remove the makeup. Daily washes and soaps can make your skin rough and excess use of essential oil is again not suitable so at this moment you can go with the baby oil it will keep the skin hydrated and moisturized as well. But do not just leave it here. After removing the makeup apply some moisturizing cream or preferably lotion.

In shaving

Once you apply some baby oil to your legs before shaving, it will literally make you wonder. The effects are outstanding and really pleasurable. The shaving because your legs give a rough and tough appearance so to keep the moisture of your body apply some baby oil here.

Cleaning of makeup brushes

About once or a couple of weeks, wash your makeup brushes with the baby oil. Over conditioned makeup, brushes give a soft touch to your skin and do not irritate your dry pores. Professionals say that nourishing your makeup brushes is so much essential if these are made up of natural hairs then it is a must to wash theses brushes with baby oil.

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After all debate, I just come to summarize this in a point that we cannot Judge Baby oil vs lotion clearly as both the products have their own worth and benefits that must be incorporated in the daily routine to enjoy healthy skin. The oil prevents the moisture to go out and restrict the skin from dehydration whereas the lotion provides extra moisture to the skin. Before applying any lotion or oil you must consider the ingredients used in this. And above all consult with the skin specialist and use the product as per recommendations. It will not be preferred to buy and apply on your own without consulting properly.

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