Becoming a Dad for the First Time

Bringing a baby home is a wonderful experience in life. Life doesn’t stop when the baby comes home but still, bills are paid, work has to get done, the house still needs to clean and so on. here are some tips for Becoming a Dad for the First Time. Teamwork is very important between mom and dad. Most of the time new dads are worried about their responsibilities towards his wife and newborn baby. So we put some important first few weeks of survival tips for new dad that a dad can do and share a little bit of pain and stress of his wife. By reading this article, dads can play a key role in the adjustment of a newborn baby and in the recovery of her wife during the early few weeks.

Every couple will find a rhythm and procedure that best suits them according to their routine life, but in this article, there are many easy tricks and tips for new dad that he can do and find it easy to help her wife as well for the baby.

Note: these tips are not only for dads but anyone like a mother, sister, friend, grandmother, and aunt who is near mom to help her, can also adopt these tips as well.

Helpful tips for new dad are:

1. Act as gatekeeper:

As we know that when babe born, it is an exciting time not only for mom and dad but also for grandparents, aunt, and uncle of the new babies. Family and friends will want to visit the hospital and home to meet mom dad and newborn baby. While this time is memorable and excited so visitors often appreciate new parents, it is also compulsory to remember that mom is recovering, and it is dad’s first responsibility and priority is to bond with mom and newborn baby. In this regard, dad can schedule visitors’ time so that mom and babe have a proper time to take rest and to feed.

2. Baby feeding:

If the baby takes a feeder bottle then a dad can make his feeder, and help her wife, like a wash feeder bottle and boil the water. Dad can also feed his child through a feeder bottle when mom feels sick or when she is sleeping and may be busy in another household affair. And if mom is primarily breastfeeding to her child, then dad can still provide help to her wife during feeding baby, for example, he can pick the baby from the baby cart and give him/her to mom and put back to cart when he will be free from feeding. It will give help a lot of mom to prevent back pain as well as mom’s recovery from childbirth.

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3. Change baby’s Diaper:

tips for new dad

New Dads can help and support mom in many ways changing the diaper is one of them. Dads can change the baby’s diaper when mom is getting ready to feed her child or when she is finishing up a feed, before and after this process dad can check his baby’s diaper and if necessary can change it.

4. Provide thing of baby’s need to mom on her bed:

Dad can help mom by providing things on the bed that she needs, like when mom is taking rest on the bed and want something to eat, dad can give things her to eat. Mom needs to drink water and stay hydrated in order to produce milk, in this regard dad can give a glass of water to mom. Feeding is a little bit long process, so dad can make sure about the comfort of the baby as well as the mother’s comfort. He can put a blanket if needed, he can give cushion if she needs and also can take baby from mom after feeding and put her back on the baby’s cart. And after that help mom to lay on best for rest. By doing these little things complete tips for a new dad.

5. Burp baby:

tips for new dadDuring the middle of a long feed, the baby has a need to burp him, so dad can also help mom, in this way he should burp the baby once in during a long feed and after a feed.

6. Clean pumping supplies:

Dad can help out mom in different work of baby. For example, if mom starts pumping baby. In this process, it is important to clean pump parts between each use, so in this, all process dad can help out mom, he can clean the supplies after mom finishes up each session.

7. Label and refrigerate milk:

When mom finishes up pumping process, dad can also help out mom in this process also, he can take the milk, label it with the day’s date and put it in sequence the refrigerator.

8. Give baby feeder bottle:

Sometimes mom cannot do breastfeeding in the presence of guests and whenever she is outside of the house, for this purpose parents can use pumped milk. If breastfeeding if going good, and mom is pumping good, then dad can give a baby a bottle of milk that was in the refrigerator. 1st he must sure that the milk temperature is equal to the temperature of breast milk. And then give it to the baby when mom is busy and not in a position to breastfeed the baby. This is how, by reading tips for a new dad, dad supports his family.

9. Help mom in baby’s care:

tips for new dad
Dad can help mom in baby’s care in different ways. For example, dad can file the nails of the baby. So the best time in which a dad can easily file the baby’s nail is when the baby is sleeping and recently free from feeding.

Mom’s care is also very important at this stage. She cannot lift heavy things like car seats when going to the doctor, pull the baby’s cart when need, and also help out thins like this during her recovery stage.

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10. Pick up more supplies:

 During the first couple of weeks of a newborn baby, dad knows much about the products that mom use for baby. Dad cam help out mom in purchasing the products of the baby if finishes up any. He can purchase more clothing, wipes, diapers, and other baby stuff like this. Amazon Prime is an extremely one of the best way for parents to purchase products and things for a new baby at home.

11. Baby Mother skin bonding:

 Skin-to-skin contact is considered a very effective way for mom and baby also to bond with each other right after the baby’s birth. It is the time of skin bonding. Dad can help out mom in this process because through this process baby feels his mother’s smell and it is also good for dad, skin-to-skin bonding of baby and dad also important to bonding with their babies in the postpartum room and at home.

12. Help mom during baby’s bath time:

 During the first few weeks, it seems very difficult to bat baby alone. There must be two people when it’s time to shower baby, so for this purpose who one is best to expect dad, yes of course dad can help out mom in the first few times of baby’s bath.

Parents should be work to gather at this time. Dad must make sure that everything that is needed is in the bath, like a towel, clean and wash clothes, baby soap, baby shampoo, diaper, and infant tub. Having two people there the first few times is very helpful.

13. Encourage mom to eat healthy food:

with a new little and cute life to take care of and feed around the clock, sometimes mom forgets to eat and drink, that is a very bad thing. Mom needs a healthy diet with full nutrition to recover from illness and to take care of the baby. Dad can also help mom in this aspect. He can ask mom for water, and encourage her to eat food on time, and also can give her food at her eating time. Dad can keep the water bottle full of mom and he can pick up mom’s favorite take out.

14. Pamper mom:

 A little foot rub and shoulder or neck massage can do a big relief in pain. During the first few weeks, mom feels illness and pain. If dad gives a little massage of shoulder or neck a few minutes in a day, this works well in mom’s pain. It is important because the mom’s body is recovering from childbirth.

15. Complaint mom:

Most of the new moms worried that if they are doing everything is going good. Every time she feels scary and it’s dad’s duty to feel her relax. Dad should take a second to let her know she is doing an amazing job as well as dad also need to hear they are doing a good job. He thoughts if he is doing an amazing job, and now its mom’s duty to tell him that he is doing a wonderful job and he is the best dad. And mom can’t imagine taking care of your little one without him, let him know.

16. Take care of her sleep:

 In the early days of delivery, mom and baby need a proper time of sleep, tips for new dad help dad, to support mom by giving her a proper time to rest and by taking care of her sleep. Same as this mom also takes care of dad’s sleep, because he takes care a lot he also needs some rest. This is a great way to get in some bonding time with baby is snuggling on the couch and watching TV. Many times dads and baby go in deep sleep so mom must awake. To ensure the baby’s safety.

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17. Take pictures of baby and mom:

No doubt every person takes many pictures of baby, but when mom and baby are free and there is no other relative dad can take pictures of baby and mom. If you can afford a photographer for a photoshoot then make your memories. But make sure mom taking pictures of baby randomly for showing dad. This tip can work best when dad is out of the town.

18. Helping mom in household affairs:

As discussed earlier that by ready tips for the new dads, dad can know about his duties toward his family. Life doesn’t stop when the baby comes home, but actually, the workload becomes double. Mom’s responsibilities become double. On the one hand, mom has to take care of herself as well as baby, and also take care of the house, the house still needs cleaning, cooking and so on. Dad can help out mom in doing some household affairs which he suits best and according to his job and timings.

19. show appreciation:

Dad needs to hear that he is doing a good job if he is doing an amazing job to let him know. Say thank you for the little thing, because it works for a long way.

These tips for new dad are valued able in setting routine of his house. When the dust settles and you both a little more settle in your life, take time away with each other to stay connected. By doing the above tips a dad can make his relationship with his wife stronger Because the relationship is the foundation of a happy family. Being parents is a very tough and long duty for both of them. But always remember this quote by author Gretchen Rubin, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Savor the sweet moments, and always remember to laugh.


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