Four best sleeping position for lower back pain

Medically the lower back pain is declared as the main cause of disability. Are you suffering from this issue? Then you are not alone the victim of this serious illness. Many people are facing lower back pain which is persisting in their body for forever. Lower back disturbs the daily routine as well as it causes the issue in sleep. Bad sleep further leads to routine disturbance. You will be a wonder to know that lower back pain is not caused by an infection or something like this but only because of bad posture.

So here we are to guide you about the best sleeping position for lower back pain. It is so necessary to get rid of this in any situation otherwise it can lead you to the severe conditions. Have a look and change your posture accordingly to avoid this problem. Do not rest on the one side always this can cause a muscular problem. Change your sides over the night and you will feel better in the morning.

best sleeping position for lower back pain

Best sleeping position for lower back pain

Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs

If you are lying straight but feeling uncomfortable then do not enforce yourself to accept hat posture. You can have a better option. Take a side and balance your boy either on the left side or right side. Allow your boy to rest on the bed in a turned position. In such a way that your one shoulder gets in contact with the mattress along with the rest body side. Then place a pillow between your legs and relax your body. If you find a gap between the mattress and your body then place a cushion or pillow to fill the gap. This will support your body and will give you relaxation.

best sleeping position for lower back pain

The benefit of this position: sleeping on your side reduce the lower back pain and the pillow between your knees make the perfect alignment of hips, spinal code, and legs. It relaxes the body, gives you comfort and a natural remedy for insomnia and anxiety.

Take a fetal position during the sleep

This position is for those who are having a herniated disk. So take aside and lay in the fetal; position. For this lay straight on the bed and then turn to a side either left or right. After doing this fetch your knees towards your chest and your upper body towards your knees. This will help you to reduce your lower back pain in an effective way. Do not continue on the single side. Make it sure that you are switching the side time to time otherwise it may cause the imbalance of muscles. And imbalance of muscles can cause more problem than reducing the lower back pain.

The benefit of the torso (upper body) bent posture: you may have an idea about the placement of the discs. These are some small cushions which support the vertebrae and helps the spine to move. Herniation cause when any of the discs displaced. This causes the weakness and nerve pain as well which in turns cause lower back pain. Bending posture of your body then opens up the spaces between the vertebrae and adjust the discs properly. That is why we mentioned that this posture is beneficial for those who have displaced discs of vertebrae.

Place a pillow under your abdomen and sleep on your stomach

I used to listen from my mom that laying straight on your stomach is my bad habit. Then I searched for the reason and got to know that it is true. But not completely. You will be wondering why I am saying this because I know that many of you people are habitual of this posture. Do not worry about it. If you feel yourself resting on the stomach then it can be a good position for this. In this case, you do not need to enforce any other position. Just place a pillow under your pelvis and adjust it in a way that it balances your lower abdomen properly. This will reduce the pressure from your heads and shoulders. If you do not put the pillow or cushion under your lower abdomen then it will stretch your muscles of shoulder and muscles.

The benefit of the pillow under the lower abdomen: Sleeping with the pillow placing it under the lower abdomen releases the stress from the muscles and it reduces the stress that places in place of your disc.

Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees

Do you feel relax on laying straight on your back? I have seen that many people like this posture to reduce their lower back pain. And it is effective indeed you cannot deny this. But making it a bit more comfortable I will guide you what can make it more relaxing. Just lay straight on your back ad place a pillow under your knees. You will be thinking that why I am asking to place a pillow. This is because placing a pillow underneath your knees keeps the curve of your lower back and avoid the pressure which may impose if you do not out it. Other than this if you want to support your lower back then take a towel and roll it. After this place it under your lower back.


The benefit of this posture: when you sleep on your back then your weight is distributed evenly which helps to relax your pressure points. It gives a better coalition to your internal body organs.

Why Proper Alignment is necessary.

It does not matter what posture you like the most. It is important to align your spinal cord in a comfortable position. Just make sure that you are not having any gap between your body and mattress. In case you feel this gap then place a cushion or pillow to give yourself support. It will help you in reducing the stretchiness of your body.

This was about how you can manage to sleep in the best posture to reduce the lower back pain. We hope that you got the point. Good luck.

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