Celebrities who are April Born or Aries

Aries rules their surroundings with brains and leads with the brain-in short they are brainy. They are naturally brave and rarely afraid of anything whether it’s time to show their feeling or to step back or task given. They have this young strength naturally regardless of their age or gender. They are always friends and find to be with friends of people who are Leo, Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Date rang to be ARIES?

Aries People who are born between, March 21- April 19. 

Traits of April Born or Aries

Natural born leaders with fearless attitude and compassion. April born peeps have no filter as they are very straight forward. Those who engage the April born must be very careful about their words, because every word is seriously taken by them. It is perceived that People born under the Zodiac Sign Aries are insensitive of others emotions and arrogant and very impulsive they will not consider minute of the matter and think through the situations to arrive at a decision.

Some Qualities of April Born or Aries
  • Enterprising
  • Honest
  • Spontaneous 
  • Daring & Active  
  • Courageous and Determined 
  • Confident

However, Aries also are impatient, highly moody, less social some days and very short tempered the other. Everything depends on their mood. 

5 Famous Celebrities who are April Born or Aries

All April Born or Aries people out there, do you really know everything about your zodiac sign and personality matches? Find your zodiac mates in famous Hollywood actors and actresses. 

1. Charles Chaplin

Source: Wikimedia.com

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the era of silent film and won millions of heats with his expressions and standup comedy. 

Born Date: 16 April 1889

Place of Birth: London, UK

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Source: Wikimedia.com

(Who doesn’t love Iron-Man) One of the most famous Hollywood actor with natural born qualities of leadership class confidence and energy. He is such a versatile action who done number of movies with different looks including Sherlock home, Chaplin etc. He is never afraid to experience new ideas and ace it. He is full of life charm and very Spontaneous. The need for excitement push him into new discoveries that’s the true trait of ARIES (Always curious and excited).

Date of Birth: April 4th

Birth Place: New York City, NY

3. Jackie Chan

Source: Wikimedia.com

He is multi-talented with multiple qualities and talents. A person who is Actor, Singer, director, stuntman and producer. He is famous for performing his own stunts as ARIES are self-made and doesn’t like much to rely on others people. Jackie Chan’s unique personality blend with impressive martial arts and and his funny-side gained huge fan following and made millions of people fall for him. 

Date of Birth: April 7th

Place: Victoria Park, Hong Kong

4. Emma Watson

Source: Mashable.com

Emma Watson need no introduction as he is such a famous personality. Emma Watson is most known for her amazing role in Harry Potter movies as Hermoine. She is an adventurous and witty girl with comprehensive knowledge of pretty much everything. No matter how difficult the situation may be, an Aries will take the challenge head on. If they are interested in something, Aries person will be passionately into it no matter what.

Born on: April 15th

5. Kourtney Kardashian

Source: Mashable.com

Gorgeous and Beautiful Kourtney Kardashian is an American television star. She is also a super model, a successful business women and a social worker. She is known for the television series “Keeping up with Kardashians” a reality TV show. Her net worth is around $18 Millions. She has more than 65 Millions followers on Instagram. If you are an Aries and amazed with her success in this young age, then consider yourself Lucky. Ah!

Born: 18 April

Tell us who’s your famous Zodiac partner from the list above or you think should be the part of this list. Want more such information about your favorite starts? Keep visiting our website voguebabe.com

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