Chloe Ayling Kidnapping and Complexity of Issue

Chloe Ayling kidnapping, People are still having a doubt on this even when the kidnapper has been sentenced to jail for 16 years. There are many questions which are raised up because of suspicious reactions and some actions of Miss Chloe Ayling. These things still make the kidnapping issue confusing. Here is the discussion about Chloe Ayling Kidnapping and Complexity of Issue . The debate is going to cover the complete matter of Miss Chloe Ayling’ kidnapping in detail. We will try to cover each pinch point and enlighten the highlights of the story.

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Beginning of Chloe kidnapping Claim

So Chloe Ayling kidnapping report came on point by the glamorous model Chloe Ayling. Last year in August she gave a statement which becomes the headline of the month. She claimed that she had been in the remote farmhouse for nearly 6 days. Chloe claimed that the captivity occurred in Milan, where she went for the modeling program. According to the official statement, the kidnapper injected her with tranquilizer ketamine and took her to a farmhouse in the area which is near to Turin.

Miss Chloe statement:

According to her, this was all the sex game. They wanted to sell her (Chloe Ayling) for sex purposes. In reporting the claim she told that “during the whole journey I was unconscious, later I was told that I am kidnapped and been there for an auction of sex slave for 300,000 €”.

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Popping issue and questions.

During the investigation, Miss Chloe was in Italy and then she came back after 20 days. After coming back to the home she made a call to TV channels and news reporters to talk about her kidnapping. She arranged an informal conference in her mother’s garden.

She was in short cut top and hot pants. According to Miss Chloe, she was furious in those 6 days. She said, “I was afraid of life every second every minute and every day”. But her looks were saying something different. She was relaxed posing with her dog. She sounded perfectly fine and was smiling.Well whatever she told, all the reporters took note of this. After this media call, every channel started to look at this, Miss Chloe Ayling’s kidnapping issue.

Chloe Ayling kidnapping
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Many questions raised here. The point to ponder is that if she was not telling a lie then what was that CCTV footage? In which she caught red-handed with her kidnapper. In the footage, it was clearly visible that she was holding her kidnapper’s hand while roaming in the Italy village. Moving forward, the next bulging question is why did she get agree to share her bed with her kidnapper? And in those days, she claimed to be captive in, why were she found in a shoe shop for shopping?

Who was the Kidnapper?

The kidnapper is a 30 years old man named, Lukasz Herba, who claimed that they both (Lukasz Herba and Chloe Ayling) had a project together. They had been working over it and it was all to support miss Chloe Ayling financially. He further added that their plan was just like a movie in which the artist got kidnapped and that he loved her. According to Mr. Lukasz Herba, it was all up and clear to miss Chloe Ayling.

Lukasz Herba kidnap Chloe Ayling

After all the court hearings and Miss Chloe’s statements, in the case of chloe ayling kidnapping, Mr. Herba got declared a kidnapper. And the court ordered him the punishment of 16 years in jail. A prosecutor accused him as a “fantasist with narcissistic tendencies”

Controversy in Chloe Ayling kidnapping claim

Chloe went on an ITV show where the anchor asked her many questions. On asking about the shopping Miss Chloe state “that it is all fine to go shopping with the alleged kidnapper to buy new shoes”. But then the anchor made a counter question and continues saying

“if you are conducting interviews then from where you are being paid and what about those million pounds you were spending on your book”

There were many more questions imposed on her about chloe ayling kidnapping but she stood on her ground. And ended up the discussion by saying that it will all become clear soon. Another event that creates this controversy is that one of the interviewers stated that I met her in recent days, after a year of the kidnapping, at Milan. She was drunk and unconsciously spoke up that she had been there with her agent.

Mr. Sington, who helped her in planning her book. This was another sign of her negative ambitions. These are all signs that make the problem confusing and complex. Later on, on a shoot, she was dressed up in shorts, smiling and laughing. The stylist asked her to button up the shirt but she refused and continued the shoot in an open shirt. She was glamorous and confident.

In an interview, she was talking about her live past years. She was telling all the traveling stories excitedly as nothing harsh happened to her ever. She told about her tours to Millan, New York, three Times and other places. This all sounded suspicious that she did not have fear of what happened to her. For this, she argued that she tried so hard to put all these issues on the back of his head so that is why she traveled a lot and keep all the positive things in mind.

The Chloe truth and Herba’s fantastical lies

The Chloe Ayling Kidnapping was not a simple issue to resolve. We just highlighted some pints what made this issue complex, but there was many more. Although the kidnapper has been sentenced the punishment, still it was difficult to accept what Chloe Ayling was claiming and what proved were presented in the court. Media gave its best to cover up the all circulating statements and proofs.

Many interviews and conferences were held and Miss Chloe was requested to restate what happened and what was the reality of chloe ayling kidnapping. Still, in many interviews, Chloe tries to confuse the reality of chloe ayling kidnapping case with the lies of Mr. Herba.

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Ayling stated that Herba tried to convince her that he is her well-wisher. He said that he was a member of the Black Death organization which he wanted to leave. So for doing this, he was needed 300000 so if she would get in the salivary he will become able to leave. Moreover, he added that the initial kidnapper was his junior employee so considering this kidnapping unethical he just came from Italy to rescue her.

Truth about Chloe ayling kidnapping

These were all lies, there was not an organization named as Black Death. But there were two Kidnappers and it was the fact. Ayling claimed that first day she was tied up with bands and ropes to the furniture and the next day he asked me to share the bed. She added that I did not want to make him angry so I did not deny.

Ayling created many problems for herself, even she did not tell the story accurately. She had been on the shopping, 4 days, while he was kidnapped but she did not state this to the police.

When Herba got arrested, Ayling was a little bit in wonder. But according to her, she found herself sympathetic towards Herba. Because she believed that she had rescued him from Black Death. But later in August, she reached to the truth that there was no organization like Black Death and it was all net of fantasy. For more interesting articles just vist

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