Colloidal silver for acne & wrinkles – Benefits & Precautions

Colloidal silver for acne is kind of a solution in which the particles of the silver have dissolved in purified water. It is in a liquid form. In ancient times, this remedy was used to cure any bacterial, fungal or viral infection. Acne, as we all know, has now become a massive issue in all over the world especially among the teenagers and the adults.

colloidal silver for acne

Colloidal silver for acne

Today, it is affecting men and women even if they are in their 30s or 40s. According to recent research, the Maryland Medical Center has stated that around 17 million people are seriously suffering from this disease in the United States. After doing recent studies and research this colloidal solution has now reconsidered as a therapy in the medical field due to enhancing the prevalence of resistance of bacterial activity to antimicrobials. Acne was frequently treated with some of the antibiotics and antifungal medicines in the past in order to control or manage this increasing problem of acne.

colloidal silver for acne

This colloidal silver solution possesses antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory characteristics. These colloidal silver particles bind themselves with the wall of the bacteria which is composed of proteins. These particles pierce through the walls and disturb the metabolic process of bacteria and eventually cause the death of the bacterial cell.

What Acne is?

Acne is the commonest disease which usually occurs by the sebum. Sebum is a kind of oil which is only produced by the sebaceous gland. This gets produce when the pores of your skin are blocked by this oil. At the time of adolescence, menopause, gestation, illness and aging process of the human body the chances of the production of sebum are high.

When the pores of your skin are open, especially during the eruption of your acne. In this situation, the sebum will react to the oxygen present in the air and turns into blackheads. On the other hand, if the pores are close the sebum will allow the bacteria to grow inside the skin and eventually turns into whiteheads. Apart from that, hormones imbalance or using oily products e.g. cosmetics also trigger acne.

Colloidal silver Solution:

A colloidal solution is a remedy in a liquefied form as it is suspended in pure water. The concentration depends on the demand and the severity of the disease. But the accurate concentration of silver is 10 parts silver to 1 million parts in water.  Silver possesses the quality to kill the organism such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. So we think that the application of silver might be useful and beneficial for the acne suffered teens and adults.

How to use colloidal silver:

It is really important to understand how to use colloidal silver to get rid of your acne. You must use the pure colloidal silver and not applying and other product while using this solution. Several methods are here which you can use to apply this colloidal solution that is:

  • Patting right of the silver on the marked area so that the rest of the skin stays fresh. In this way, it does affect your skin by the silver.
  • Taking some drops of the colloidal silver internally.
  • Using a mist or a spray that contains silver
  • Medicinal soap usage possessing colloidal silver
  • Rinsing with colloidal silver
  • Using a silver in cream or gel form

colloidal silver for acne

Warnings and precautions:

eyes can be affected heavily if there is high usage or the inaccurate consistency of the silver particles in the solution. Even the small particles of the silver get absorb by the human skin. And so it can easily affect your skin and the organs and may even turn your body skin into grey. Therefore, we recommend to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated in order to stay healthy and fresh. Drinking water will heal your skin quickly and removed the acne.

Healthy Properties of Colloidal silver for acne

Colloidal silver for acne is an antiseptic, anti-microbes and anti-fungal agent. As well as it is an anti-bacterial agent too, as we mentioned in the above content. This prevents the skin from the harms of bacterial, fungal and microbial effects. This simply shows that Colloidal silver for acne has natural properties. It is an effective agent that stops and reduces the impact and spread of bacterias and microbes. Not just this but it works as a sanitary of skin. it clears up the dirt smoothly. and gives your skin a fresh and enhancing look.

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this is not just but it works as an anti-inflammatory agent too. it avoids the infections and inflammations. and if you have inflammation before then it will reduce its side effects.

colloidal silver for acne

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

According to Dr. Josh Axe, colloidal solution for acne has three major benefits. it works to stimulate the resistant power of the body. it prepares the body to fight against the infection. The resistance of the body gets high because the colloidal silver provides high oxygen molecules which breaks the viral infection material.

Other than these, the colloidal silver solution prepares the body membranes to aoi the bacterias in getting at the target. Actually, the Colloidal silver does not allow the NA strands to fol and get in the target area.  this is the way how colloidal silver for acne reacts against the bacteria. it closes the doors of bacteria to step in the cell.

Sum up of discussion

Colloidal silver is an agent that cures the acne and prevents your skin from inflammation and infection. It works very effectively to prepare your body in order to fight against viruses and bacterias. With its natural properties, it enhances the resistance of the body too. While you are choosing Colloidal solution for acne o not forget to read the ingredients. This will help you to choose a powerful and effective product. I recommend consulting your physician when it is a matter of concentration of the solution.

So this was all about what is Colloidal solution for acne, along with its properties, applying for process and benefits. We hope that you liked it and it proved to be an informative article.

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