How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with your Boyfriend

A long-distance relationship is troublesome, many of us are facing it. I have seen many couples who suffer due to long-distance relationships, even in this age of technology. That’s why I decide to write an article to give them tips about How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with your Boyfriend

After marriage, I have been with my husband for about a year. But six months ago he moves on to another country. It becomes very difficult for both of us to maintain our relationship. No doubt Skyping and texting play an important role in a long-distance relationship, instead of having this technology we fight. Reasons can be time mismatch, no fulfillment of the body’s need or maybe our way of talking.

After a few days, I realize that technology can’t make up for everything. There are a lot of mistakes that we both do and ruining our best time. We both note down our mistakes and decide to do things that will improve our chance of having a healthy, lovely and everlasting beautiful relationship. If you have a long-distance relationship, then you must follow these key points to make your time beautiful, no matter you are married or having a relationship with your loved one

Tips for long-distance relationship:

1. Make perfect time schedules:

First and the most important key point, for those who are facing long-distance relationships, is to make a perfect time schedule. You both have to make a flexible schedule. Oftentimes schedule crashes. When you are going to set your talking time must keep in mind the time zone and job timing of each other. Stick to your schedule. No matter what type of communication you have, the basic thing is mind satisfaction that must be achieved after communication. Be sure about how you both choose a rhythm that you gonna feel a lovely conversation every time. So that you don’t feel any frustration and resentment after the call but also get mutual satisfaction.

long distance relationship

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2. Stay positive:

You both have to stay positive and continuously inject positive energy into each other so that long-distance relationships can work. I know it is very difficult to wait for someone and not every time we can enjoy it, most of the time you feel lonely. But be thankful that you have someone special in your life, no matter he/she is far from you, only one thing you have to keep in mind is that fruits are sweetened as a heaven for you, at last.

long distance relationship

When you miss him/her in a long-distance relationship, you can spend your time making hand made a card or welcome things for your love so that when he/she will come you can show him/her your love.

3. Surprise gifts:

Surprise gifts play an important role in a long-distance relationship. You both have to gift each other on special occasions like on birthday, in the new year, on anniversary or Valentine’s day. Shop online gifts or flowers and send each other makes your love stronger much enough in a long-distance relationships. Gifts must be of such type that shows love for each other for a long time, or he/she uses or watch every day.

long distance relationship

For example, a girl can gift him a cool T-shirt, flower, perfume, wristwatch nightwear of having funny stickers on it (if he likes) and boy can gift her a nighty, bra, small pendent, lipstick, handbag, perfume, or a beautiful dress.

4. Gift a personal object:

In long-distance relationships, we all try to keep memories in physical things that when we dis heart and miss our love those things console us much enough. So try to gift things that you personally use it as a half piece of chocolate, collection of songs that you listen in her/his absence, your used and un-washed T-shirt, your little bit remaining perfume bottle, your used keychain, your ring, nighty your recent photo and many other things like that. You feel his/her presence while touching these things and it helps to kill the time when you are in long-distance relationships.

long distance relationship

5. Be in touch on social media:

You both like each other’s posts and photos on Instagram or facebook. Tag romantic posts to each other. Share lovely videos to each other that express you’re about him/her. Tweet to each other. Be cool while stalking each other. In short, show him/her that you care.

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6. Be honest in a long-distance relationship:

Be honest and open to each other. Express your every feeling, must share your insecurity, fear, detachment, enviousness and whatsoever. If you have any secret tell him/her straightforwardly because if you conceal anything, sooner or later it would harm your relation. If you have any issue, then discuss it with your love, don’t try to solve it by your self only. Let help your love to deal with your issue and support you that you need. Because it is better to solve any problem at the starting stage instead of when it’s too late.

7. Must visit each other:

Going to each other’s place and spend holidays with your love is the highlight of every long-distance relationship. It becomes a very precious time when you meet your love. After waiting a long time you got each other to fulfill little things like kissing, hugging,  holding hands, and taking tea together, that looks very charming and good for both. when you are together, you must capture your happy moments so that when you were alone that beautiful moments could cheer you. And you should do things like that your partner feels you are the most special person in his/her life.

long distance relationship

Morning kisses, brushing your teeth together, hug her from his back when she is working in the kitchen, cooking something for her, candlelight dinner, and sometimes taking a bath together refresh your love as a new couple. Must go outside somewhere your love likes. And rides on bike hug him from behind.

long distance relationship

8. keep interested in each other’s things;

You have to do similar things, things that your partner likes. I think if you really love, you like all the things in which he/she interested or want to do. You must know about your lover’s likes and dislikes. Recommend each other movies, music, tv shows, books, news so that you can get more, similar things to discuss over.

long distance relationship

9. Stay away from a bad situation:

Always avoid a bad situation it can blast your strong relationship. If you know your partner is waiting for your very far from you and you go to for drinking or drunk at home, your partner can feel it, if he/she doesn’t like it, don’t do this or avoid it as much as you can. Second don’t be careless about it, because your love is the only one who is extra suspicious and extra worried about you and your health as well as your relationship.

When you don’t care about what your love wants, sooner or later he/she will leave you. So if you want your relation do work specially in a long-distance relationship then must pay attention to the things that can ruin your relation.

10. Have dirty talk:

No doubt talking about romance and sensual activities is the most important activity among couples especially when you have a long-distance relationship. Sensual desire is like the glue that keeps love birds from drifting apart. It is not only our body’s need but also it is an emotional need. So do dirty talk, discuss your romance, ask about what another person likes while having s**, or discuss your dirty emotions with each other to keep the flame of love burn. Send each other s**y pictures, text that provoke him/her to give attention to you and bring him/her close to you.

long distance relationship

11. Set some rules:

You both have to clear about each other’s expectations and needs of another person in a long-distance relationship. Set some ground rules and both have to follow on that so that no one claims about any expectations. For example, one of you doesn’t want any kid for a period of time that it must decide before going out on a date. It is important to clear each other openly so that your relation got strong.

12. Don’t become a sticky person:

Excess of everything is bad. Give some space to each other, excessive phone calls and messaging can feed up another person from you. So don’t be like a sticky person and don’t be over a possessive person.  Every one has its personal life. Most couples, having a long distance relationship, think that they need to compensate for the distance by doing more. That’s not true. One thing is to keep in mind that less is more, teas at the right moments and tug at the right spots.

13. Give each other pet names:

Give each other pet different names, it’s cool and cute as well. Call him/her from that name and save another’s phone number of those names.

14. Put your ego aside :

long distance relationship

In short, if you really love someone, do something that expresses your love for him/her and avoids things that can spoil your relation. Put your ego aside if feel sorry about your misbehave or mistake. Say sorry as soon as possible. Remember that, time will not remain the same it will change over time, If you don’t care about your love, someday you will realize it. For more informative articles just visit


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