Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

You may have heard about one day a meal diet. Actually, this is the process of intermittent fasting in which people take only one meal. This is mostly diner which they eat and then they do not take any other meal until next dinner. It is the best weight loss technique which people follow by taking one time calories in their diet. Probably this is considered as the best weight loss method but the risk of having one meal a day overcomes it benefits the most. This is an alarming point. Due to this fact, one meal a day is a disorder. Today’s session is about Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder. This will help you to decide either this technique has benefits or risks. Give a read to the below content for your better understanding.

Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

People do not consider if they have abnormal eating habits. They do not really bother about the consequences. But worldwide eating disorders had captured the attention of senior doctors. They have been described in a way that disturbance in your eating pattern can lead you to mental and physical disorder. Which simply means that it affects the people socially, physically, psychologically and emotionally. And in the end, it takes the people to life-threatening diseases.

Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder has been recognized and labeled only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder, as a mental disorder. According to a survey in the US it came up on the mark hat there were 20 million men and 10 million men that have or have had this only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder. This is threatening. Prior to going in deep discussions, we will make a note on what actually eating disorders are? For this have a look below.

Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

What are eating disorders?

Eating disorders are sequence of unhealthy intake disturbed activities or eating habits. These may be caused due to deep obsession with the food, the boy weight, or the body shape, etc. but this leads to some serious health issues of mind and rest of the body. Those who are suffering from eating disorder do not realize it earlier but their symptoms are so clear.

Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

Some of the symptoms include over exercising, vomiting, or food restrictions. They often do not offer themselves to food. It can be found in any person of any age. But mostly the women of age 13 to 20 are the victim of this. Youth is experiencing at least one eating disorder. There are different types of eating disorders like,

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Pica
  • Rumination Disorder
  • Avoidant or Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

And among those, the most common eating disorder is Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

One meal a day activity

We mentioned above that most of the people take this as a best diet plan but it is not true. People skip eating and develop a habit of it which has bad consequences in the end. One meal a day plan is the dietary plan in which the person equip one meal only for the whole day (24 hours). It is an intermittent fasting activity. People follow this to lose the weight. Most often they take an only meal at night and then skip eating for next 24 hours. Here clearing a bit more hat it does not mean that person takes one diet. But this means that a person eat in a ratio of 23:1. There is an hour for the person to eat and rest of the 23 hours he spend in fasting.

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Pros and cons of Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

  • As we all are well aware of the fact that everything has some pros and some cons. As much as it is concerned with the benefits of Only Eating Once a Day eating so this major benefit is that
  • A person loses weight faster when he is doing once a meal a day diet.
  • Plus there are no days labelled as Cheat Days. This is because a person takes a diet after 24 hours so there is no room to take a day as a cheat day.
  • If we consider different studies tau the most attention seeking point is that nearly all the researches have been one of the men, not on the women. Without considering the fact that female have different hormonal balance than males.
  • But there are other potentially harmful effects too which were hidden at the first but now the time has revealed these side effects. These side effects are not just bad but prove to be fatal and worse as well which led many people to death.

Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

The risk associated with Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder

Researched have been proved that many risk are associated with the intermittent fasting. People consider that it is just easy to handle but the reality is far change. You may not understand but once you start, you will feel that it is not that much easy. When a person quit eating at once, his sugar level gets down without balance. This creates craving of hunger and hunger pangs that can be painful. Other than this it causes weakness, shakiness, fatigue and irritation. These factors contribute to disturb your concentration. These are some casual diseases but here are serious issues as well.

Diabetic or hyperglycemia patients if come to this dietary plan, their sugar level falls extremely. This is because of the fact that they need regular diet after specific intervals of time. So if they do not get their meal in time, they can face fatal issues.

In a study, it was found that people who do one meal a day intermittent fasting, get high level of bad cholesterol. This high-level cholesterol imposes bad effects on heart and stroke. It ultimately leads to heart diseases.

Other than this it is said that people who are fasting on this pattern have binge eating habit. This is the disturbing pattern of eating. This happens that a person takes high food intake in less period of time. and they do overeating which leads to stomach upset and infections of intestines.

This was about Only Eating Once a Day Eating Disorder, we hope that you have built better understanding. For more informative content visit our site.

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