Exercise to Gain Weight for Female at Home

Many people in the world want to gain weight and for some persons, losing weight is a big problem and they want to know exercise to gain weight for female at home. A person who is slim or fast digestive system can find it hard to gain bodyweight and for such persons, even a few pounds can bring about a great change. Due to the slim body, many people can go through from many health issues like bone crack, organ harm and lack of periods among women. Persons recovering from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can also gain body weight in a healthy way with some usual weight gain foods in the daily food along with some light exercises.

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Exercises to Gain Weight for females 

Thin girls can convert their whole look and get a charming body through these best exercises. These are the best and easy exercise for females for weight gaining at home without using any gear.


Squats are the best exercises that a person can add this in his daily exercise routine for matching and to get the strong body. It can be done by both the men and the women for the enhancement of glutes, hips, thighs, and calves. When you become an expert in the squats then, you can do squats with the different methods to get better results like you can add weight from the water bottles and etc. It is the best exercise for the females who want to gain weight and want a perfect and well body back.


Stand straight and opens your shoulder wider and put them together behind your head. Now, push your hip in the backward direction and more downward by bending your knee. Look in the straight direction and put your chest out as much as you can. Move your hip down as much as you can for the better result, after pushing your hip downward stand straight by pushing your feet to the floor.


Pushups are the healthiest exercise to enhance the high arms that helps you to reduce the extra belly fat that you hate the most and settled toned solid and torn elbows. Push-ups can also improve the strength of your chest, shoulders, triceps, and muscles that are important for the human body and according to the experts, this exercise can be done by both the men and the women. If women are doing pushups then it will increase the power of the arms and don’t increase the size of the biceps and triceps of women.

Push Ups for weight gain

Put your hand straight on the floor and open your hands a little wider than your shoulders. Move your chest toward the ground till your chest touches the ground while moving downward toward the ground tight your abs and move as down as you can then go back to the starting position by pushing your body upward and by applying pressure on your hands. While doing pushup the important thing that you should keep in mind is that your elbows always touch your body sides.

Walking lunges

Walking lunges are considered as the best and strong exercise that can be done by the man and woman both that can help a woman to lose the extra weight around the belly. According to your choice, you can do the lunges while standing straight or you can do the advance method of lunges called walking lunges. When you are an expert in the walking lunges then you can enhance the strength level of your exercise like you can add dumbells in your exercise.

Walking lunges for weight gain

If you are doing the standing lunges then open your legs to increase your hip-width, now, after you increase the hip-width then move a big step in forwarding direction and place you knee in 90 degrees angle, After doing this move to the standing position again and take a big step by your other foot and place your knee on the ground by making the 90 angle. Move forward by doing this step and do as much as you can. It is considered as the best exercise for the legs.

Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are the best and simple exercise to strengthen the arms and the legs. It is considered as the best exercise for females to reduce their belly fat and to get good looks and charming figure. For men, this exercise is best as by doing this exercise a man can get the perfect hips muscles, biceps, and triceps. Triceps is a very simple exercise as it does not require any equipment and can be done by the weight of the body.

Tricep Dips for weight gain

While sitting on the chair hold the end of the chair with both of your hands. Now, move your butt from the seat of the chair forward and put pressure on the ends of the hands and move your butt down and after this move back to the initial position. For better result repeat this process for 2 to 3 times.

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Crunches are the finest exercise to remove belly fat that also helps to increase essential strength and increase thin muscle mass and provide a good-looking mid-section. It can be practiced safely by women without promoting the creation of six-packs in the case of women.

Crunches for weight gain

Lie flat on the carpet with your knees fixed and feet located flat on the floor. Cross the arms in front of the chest and lift your trunk up towards the ceiling by using the stomach muscles to keep then fine. Stop at the highest position and slowly lower your trunk to the carpet while inhaling using a measured movement.


This exercise is very good for the attractive figure this exercise will help you out to reduce the extra fat from your arms and help to develop the attractive cuts on your arms this will enhance your attractiveness. For better results, you just have to be constant and repeat this exercise daily.

Pull-ups for weight gain

In this exercise, you just have to grip the rod or a bar with both hands. place your hand on the bar or a rod a little wider than your shoulders Now, after tightly grip with the help of your hand pull your whole body in an upward direction move upward until the rod touches your chin. When you are expert in this then you will increase the difficulty level of this exercise by adding weight.

Clean and Press

This exercise is for the women that help them to increase the body muscles. In this exercise, your whole works and that is good for you and your health.Clean and Press for weight gain

For this exercise, Lay down on the bench or desk and hold the dumbells in both of your hands. After gripping the dumbbells tightly move your arms in an upward direction slightly wider than your shoulders. Now, slightly move your arms in a downward direction while moving downward keep your muscles tight this will help you for better results. Repeat this exercise for 2 to 3 times for better results.

Running or Brisk Walking

For this exercise, you just need a pair of shoes rather than any other dear for this. If you are a heart patient then this exercise will help you out to build a strong muscle which is good for the heart. When you start this exercise just walk at slow speed and do a little walk around your house. When you are expert in this exercise this increase your speed and increase the distance of your walk

Running or Brisk Walking for weight gain

This exercise is not for the rapid result with this exercise you can improve the health of your muscles slowly which is very good for the health of the heart patient.


Eggs for weight gain

This is the best protein source that is easily available at every location. Eggs are the best and the healthiest way to get protein. It also increases the bodyweight it also has vitamin A, D, and E. These very good for cholesterol because it has good cholesterol and it does not harm the heart patient

With the help of the eggs and vitamins A, D and E in eggs. It helps in gaining weight and to increase height in youth.

Lean Red Meat

Lean Red Meat for weight gain

Some people think that with meat they cannot gain weight. In reality, meat helps in gaining weight in a very good way. If you want to gain a healthy weight then use the steaks it will help you to gain weight in a healthy way. These steaks are rich in protein and help in gaining weight. These steaks are not only helped in gaining weight but also very delicious in taste.


Chicken for weight gain

Chicken is also rich in protein and also available easily at every location. Instead of using weight gaining pills use chicken which is a healthy way to gain weight. 25 grams of protein is available in 100 grams of chicken.

To notice the rapid change in your weight use the chicken in your daily lunch and you will notice the change in your body. This can be used for the treatment of the skin.

Oily Fishes

Oily Fishes for weight gain

The best non-veg food to gain weight is oily fish like tuna. It is the healthiest way to gain good. It is rich in protein and helps you to get the body mass.

For good health use oily fish in your meal, it will help you in weight gaining. Instead of preserved tuna usee the fresh tuna for better results.


Butter for weight gain

Everyone wants to add butter in his meal as a taste. Butter also helps in gaining weight because it is rich in protein and fat.81 grams of fat is present in. For better result use two spoons of better in your daily meal. But it is necessary for everyone to use the butter in a limited quantity. It has fat which can block the veins.


For healthy weight gain use, yogurt and instead of regular yogurt use greek yogurt. Because it contains important fats that are necessary for weight gaining

Yogurt for weight gain

Greek yogurt also has an ability to enhance the body muscles for the bodybuilders.


Banana for weight gain

Banana is being ignored by many of the persons who want to gain weight. But it plays an important role in weight gaining. A banana gives direct energy to the person and it has 105 calories in one banana. Banana helps in gaining the lost nutrients which you have lost in work out

Banana is very easy to digest and it is easily available at every place.


Potato for weight gain

Mostly fruits and vegetables are used to lose weight but potato can also be used to gain weight. A person should always take 40% of the nutrients in the meal for healthy weight gain. potato also has amino acid which is very good for the health and to gain weight. potato can also b used by the person who is suffering from skin problems.

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