How to get rid of belly fat?

Yes, we know that flabby part of fat on our abdomen is annoying as anything. No matter what you do, it just won’t go away. Plus your routine isn’t exactly helping; you are to go to the gym on a regular basis.

But you are too busy balancing your office hours and sleep hours to spare some time out of your day. Who knows you might just be plain lazy, I know I am.

Then a realization hits you that there is a social gathering in a week and you will be attending. You take out your figure-hugging dress and WHAT?! It doesn’t fit. No need to panic my friend.

Follow these 7 tips for 7 days and you can show off your abs to anybody. You don’t even have to change a lot in your routine either, it’s considerably easy.

Circuit Training

This is a must for building muscle at a rapid pace while burning fat at the same time. You need to fulfill the requirement of undergoing circuit training for 3 days in a week. You need to complete full body workouts such as lunges, push-ups, pullup, burpees, and jumping jacks.

Any three sets with 15 reps each.  All the while, continuing the jumping rope for a full minute between sets. This will definitely help you burn around 500 to 600 calories in a workout. As a result that stubborn belly fat will start burning away.


Mid-Section workout

Another good method for burning stomach fat quickly is to do abdominal exercises. Do these exercises 3 times a week: Crunches and leg raises, 3 sets each of 20 reps. Finish off with doing the plank workout for a minute or a half.

The plank workout can be done by moving your body into a push-up position. Keep your elbows on the ground, instead of your hands. Complete 4 sets of the plank exercise.

Diet plan

Watch your diet in the time period from starting until the deadline you have set. Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Meat either red or white in moderation is a rich source of protein. Replace canned food with low-fat dairy products.

Salt intake

You need to stay hydrated at all times. In order to stay hydrated, you need to watch your salt intake. As a flavoring alternate in your food, use other chilies and spices available.

Increase water intake

You already know the importance of keeping your body hydrated. You need water to excrete the toxins that your body manufactures. Not only water, but you also need to intake fresh juice of different vegetables and fruits, as well as herbal teas.

This will also give that glowing look to the skin while helping you get rid of the belly fat.

Say No to alcohol!

Alcohol just manufactures different toxins in the body. While getting ripped, you need to stay away from it. It also results in bloating, and we all know we don’t want that while wearing that dress. So refrain from imbibing any alcohol, at least while you prepare for the function.

Regulate your stress

Try to keep calm, if you don’t, this will only result in your body producing cortisol hormone. The cortisol is responsible for the flabby belly area as it causes weight gain in the midsection. Take a chill pill and keep at it, the belly fat will go away.

Dija Airish

Dija Airish is wife and an Editor at Vogue Babe. She writes on women's health, beauty and makeup tips for beginners. When she's not writing, Dija enjoys reading romantic novels, watching Netflix, and spending far too much time in cooking.

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