How to Get Rid from Clogged Pores – Minimize the Size of Pores with 6 Tricks

You have faced acne attacks, pesky blackheads, and dead skin, even after fighting with all you cannot get smooth skin. This is all because they leave open clogged pores on your face which give a rough appearance. At this point, you put yourself in a continuous struggling stage. And here let me clear one thing, you are not all alone in this war of open pores. Many other women are suffering through this and surviving hard to give themselves a flawless, scars free skin with getting rid of open pores. Either the weather is cold or hot, it affects the skin if you do not care properly. There are many ways which can help you to protect your skin from the harshness of weather and hot environment. It is highly recommended by many dermatologists to keep great care of your skin and avoid it from exposing to severe weather conditions. In the rest case, you may found clogged pores and dark scars on your face, which do not give a fresh look.

get rid from clogged pores

In today’s article, we are covering the most important beauty concerned topics, which is how to get rid of the big pores. I appreciate your efforts hence providing different ways which you can adopt to take of your skin. You can make all these tips as a part of your daily skin. All the techniques and tips are approved and recommended by the dermatologist so you can incorporate in your routine without having fear of damaged skin. But before going to the solutions I would like to add there are reasons for everything we have in our body. So far, the pores are also beneficial. To know the benefits and purpose of open pores have a look.

Purpose of Open Pores.

It is said by some professionalism that it is true we do not like having pores on our face but they are for some reasons. They help us in maintaining healthy skin. At first, I also wondered over it when I studied about this but yes, they help in keeping the skin healthy. The open pores are the opening of the hair follicles which gives out the natural oil of the skin. This oil works as a protecting shield against the.

You cannot deny the importance of the pores but yes obviously they pose a great threat as they are exposed to light and cameras. You can follow the ways to make them look smaller in size only. It is a fact that you cannot close the pores completely or permanently. All of the toners and skin products which claim to close the pores are just state a myth. And if fortunately, you become able to close the pores it will become unfortunate for your skin as your skin will get damaged

Now the question here arises is that, if you cannot get rid of clogged pores completely then what way you can choose to make them smaller in size.

How to minimize the Clogged Pores

Here we are adding the ways which you can use to make your pores as small as blocked pores. So follow the steps and tips as per your need and enjoy the healthy skin. Have a look.

Go for the laser treatment.

This is an effective but expensive trick. You can go for a laser treatment only if you are facing more than the average amount of open pores on your face. Laser treatment is the best choice to prevent breakouts. It can remove dark spots and heal acne in the best way. Then it helps in unclogging the large pores. The light used in this treatment helps to smoothen the skin and encourage the collagen, which is effective in giving a flawless appearance.

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Most of the open pores are between the nose and eyebrows. Other than this they are on the chin area. From here laser treatment helps to minimize the size of clogged pores. Opt the non-ablative laser treatment if you do not want to waste your time. For this, you can have ND: YAD, an Alexandrite laser treatment. Or for the light laser treatment IPL will be the best option.

These are expensive treatments but affordable. Clients feel the warmer sensation but it is not painful at all. you can have this without any fear and tear.

Integrate some sources of Vitamin A in your daily routine.

Tretinoin which refers to the name of a brand Retin A. this is the source of vitamin A that helps the skin to avoid and heal the acne. Retin-A helps the skin to give it a fresh and new look with the speed of light. As it is an effective cure to the acne, it shows that it can help to reduce the pores. Less acne is expected to give fewer pores. It is said by experts that its continuous use can reduce the size of pores. The retinoid products not only help in minimizing the size of pores but also assist in the cure of pigmentation and wrinkles.


While this, the source of vitamin A- Vitamin A Acid, is a strong agent. Hence it can cause the Dryness of the skin. To tackle the situation you can have some counter retinol products. Retinols are weak agents which cause less irritation.

Get a Regular facial session.

Having a regular facial session is helpful to rejuvenate the skin. Peeling of the dark blackheads and whiteheads is a good option to keep the skin healthy. The facial opens up your pores and then the facialist extracts the black and whiteheads. These left the pores open but the application of some masks can help to minimize the open pores.

Hydrate your skin

Dehydration is one of the most prevailing causes of open pores. As water is the need to make the internal flow smooth, similarly it is important to revive your skin. It is so important to maintain the moisture of your skin. For this, there are many hydrating treatments and products which can balance the moisture of your skin. Energizing radiance treatments and nourishing hydrating treatments are good to flood the skin. Other than this the most appealing way is to stock up the products which are enriched with hyaluronic acid, which provides massive moisture to every skin cell.

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Effective makeup products

If you find that you make application fails in hiding the appearance of your pores then you are many be applying it in a wrong.

  • Use some affecting pores refining primers
  • To create a flawless makeup effect apply the beauty blender after the setting of foundation. It presses the product into the skin and gives a smoother appearance
  • Use the powdered foundation instead of liquid foundation
  • Try to opt for the products which are enriched in grapes oil
  • Remove your makeup with the makeup cleansers which keeps your face hydrate

Selection of SPF

It is so important to look for the effective SPF that suits the skin. Even if you do not feel the sun rays hitting you hard but the UV rays have always the adverse effects. It induces the size of the pores and causes the loss of moisture. So choose something moisturizing. Experts prefer not to apply something which is thickly and clingy. Apply the products which are in gel or lotion form.

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For those who are suffering from acne, it is recommended to opt the sunscreens with titanic oxide included in ingredients.


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