How to get rid of conjunctivitis or pink eye?

Conjunctivitis or as commonly know ‘pink eye’ is an eye infection. There could be many symptoms and ways of treating it. So here is an article for you that will tell in detail about identifying the conjunctivitis and treating the conjunctivitis.


  • Although conjunctivitis happens because of many reasons, there are ways you can identify it for yourself at home.
  1. Redness in eyes.
  2. Swelling in eyes.
  3. Eye feeling a little gritty.
  4. Constant tearing.
  5. Itchy eye.

  • In many cases, conjunctivitis occurs because of chemical exposure. So do not try to treat it by yourself and get medical help.
  1. Wash your eyes with the help of sterile eyewash for at least 15 minutes.
  2. If sterile eyewash is not available at the moment, you can also use tap water a few times.
  3. Then get medical help immediately.
  • Sometimes it looks like one has conjunctivitis but it actually is allergic keratitis. One may feel like they have the symptoms that are mentioned above but it is actually because of an allergy. In this, the symptoms are temporary.
  1. This maybe because of exposure to cat’s or dog’s dander.

  • If you get a pink eye, make sure to see a doctor and tell him all the symptoms in detail. This will help the doctor in examining you eye.
  1. Doctor will see your eye which may include the usage of swab to check if you actually have the bacterial conjunctivitis.



  • If you have viral conjunctivitis, just wait it to go away on its own. Viruses’ conjunctivitis usually takes 7 to 14 days to go away. Do not worry; it would not cause any permanent damage to your eye.
  1. If your doctor finds it to be a serious virus, he will give you medication.
  2. If it is a viral infection, taking antibiotics for this is not good.
  • If it turns out to be bacterial conjunctivitis, your doctor will prescribe you some antibacterial meds. This maybe eye ointment or antibiotic eye drops.
  1. With right treatment, it will last for 3 to 5 days but keep your doctor updated with your condition.

  • The antibiotics provided by the doctor may cause you some allergies so keep an eye open for them before they go worse. If you notice any signs that are written below, go to get your eye examined.
  1. itching
  2. Difficulty in breathing.
  3. Tingling
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