Get rid of dropping or saggy eyelids

Now time has reached to get rid of dropping or saggy eyelid. Dropping or saggy eyelids gives the impression as you are tired and grow old. They feel that by making better of drooping or saggy eyelids will improve their Physical appearance, self-confidence and make them feel more charming and attractive. Also the weight of a dropping or saggy eyelids become the reasons of tired muscles and cause fatigue.

It is very difficult to do eye makeup with dropping and saggy eyelids. Because we can’t get a proper shaped makeup with dropping or saggy eyelid. Having drooping or saggy eyelids  may not be able to see under the excess skin. Also eyeliner or eye shadow applied not be visible. If you are trying with that then you should be happy, this article is definitely for you.

get rid of dropping or saggy eyelids

It is fact that women that have dropping or saggy eyelids must gone through with frustrating process of applying makeup. Because dropping or saggy eyelid makes the impression that you are tired, old and weary as well.

Difference between Dropping, sagging and hooded eyelids:

Before writing this article i was much curious about to know the difference between  dropping, saggy or hooded eyelids. Actually hooded eyelids are very common and that not need any remedy, a few public figures that I can think of are Blake Lively and Renee Zellweger. Ans also these ayes eyes are viewed are beautiful and charming.

On the other hand, dropping and saggy eyelids are those you are born with. These needs something treatment or remedies to fix them. dropping or Sagging usually comes as we grow old , but it might be a sign of some kind of disease. Women want to get rid from this issue, but what is the best solution to get rid from saggy eyes?

Solutions of dropping or saggy eyelids:

1. Surgery:

The best solution to get rid from saggy eyelid is cosmetic surgery but it definitely very expensive , that every person can not bear its expenses. So in this article I gave you suggestions to get rid from saggy eye lid this trick is very cheap and 100% natural. So don’t worry about it.

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2. Home remedies for dropping or saggy eyelids:

1. Egg white: Egg whites is helpful to tighten and firm your skin. With using an egg white, you will see results in a few minutes and remains almost two days from application. take an egg white. make sure that you have no makeup on your eyes and washed. Hold your eyes close and dip a cotton swab into it. Rub the cotton across the crease of your eyelids. Let them dry, when become full dry let the eyes wash. After 1st wash you will see the result. do this remedy 2 or 3 times in a week and get rid from dropping or sagging eyelids.

This simple food have been used for diy beauty treatments for thousands of years ago. Changes are that in sense of, you used homemade nourishing hair mask and facial treatments that fight with acne, scars, black heads, and freckles as well. Many branded products use nutrition of eggs in their products to get good result.

get rid of dropping or saggy eyelids

2. Eat eye-friendly foods: Eat fruits and vegetables having carotene. Carotene associated with good eye health. They are easily identified as they are easily identified by bright colors. Fruits and vegetables having bright yellow , orange and red flesh for example red pepper, papayas , sweet potatoes, carrot, apple and tomatoes.

get rid of dropping or saggy eyelids

These food protect skin from damage like protect dropping or saggy eyelids and helpful against certain type of cancer. These foods have anti-inflammatory properties and boost immune system response.

3. Vitamin B12: This essential nutrient is very important for neuromuscular function. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, then more chances are you are having less quantity of vitamin b12  According to the National Institutes of Health, the RDA for vitamin B12 is 2.4 micrograms for adults. If you don’t like to eat fish or beef, then you must take heigh quantity of vitamin b12 supplement to keep its level, that’s how you keep your body tight as well help to maintain from dropping or saggy eyelids.

4. Tea bag eye compress:  Taking extra stress can became the cause of dropping or saggy eyelids. To relief from pain pain and discomfort put tea bags in hot water and then allow them to come to room temperature. Squeeze tea bags, and put them on to your eyes. To save your cloths put something under your head as to catch if any from can come out from tea bags.

get rid of dropping or saggy eyelids

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3. Exercises for Dropping or saggy eyelids:

1. Strengthen the dropping or saggy eyelids: The levator palpebral muscles control the upper eyelids and  it is important to target this muscles, if you want to prevent dropping and saggy eyelids and to give a good look to droopy upper eyelids then you must follow the the instructions that are as under:

1: Put your finger under your eyebrows in that position that brow bone feels in touch.
2: Hold it firmly, slowly close your eyes.
3: Pull your eyebrows up with eyelids.
4: Then squeeze the eyelids tightly together to create a stronger pull.
5: Keep that position for 5 sec.
6: Repeat this 5 times a day.

get rid of dropping or saggy eyelids

2. To strengthen and tone the delicate eyelid area: If someone want a beautiful and attractive shape of eyelids also to give some strength to his eyelids that they won’t be give an impression of dropping eye lids . Then follow these steps:
1: 1st of all sit on a relax place, and close his eyes.
2: Now put index finger on each eyelid.
3: Keep his elbows straight outsides of the body.
4: Now slowly put some pressure with the pads of his index fingers on eyelids
5: Still applied with pressure, open eye after 5 Sec.
6: Repeat this for at least 5-10 times.

3. To give strength the muscles of the eyebrow area: When you are trying to give strength to the muscles of the eye brow area it become helpful to give a good shape to the dropping or saggy eyelids. this exercise is best for it.
1: Raise eyebrows as high as you can put heigh.
2: Then open your eyes as widely and keep this position for 5 sec.
3: After this, low your eyebrows and be relax.
4: Repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes.

For the dropping or saggy eyelids we use and prefer eggs, eye friendly fruits and vegetables as well as exercises too. Apply egg around your eyes, eat fruits and vegetables and get rid of dropping or saggy eyelids. These exercises are very helpful to maintain this kind of eyes.

After 1st week applying this, you can clearly saw the result. Only effort of few minutes, and your dropping or saggy eyelids will definitely looks fresh and open. After repeating this remedy at least you get your desire result. All these are 100% natural remedies and fully harmless.

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