How to get rid of space consuming things, number 18 will surprise you

Everything has its expiry date, or after a limited time they won’t use any more. We have to get rid of space consuming things to use more space for other new things. And also to modify home gradually. You feel enjoy and more relax after getting rid from space consuming things. In this article you have many ideas how to get rid of space consuming things.

At home many things we have that we did not use them from a long time of period. Time comes to get rid of space consuming things.  new things have to replace with old one. Basically we divide them in three categories.

1. Get rid of space consuming things Monthly:

 1. Open bottles:

Drinks doesn’t remain for long time only uncorked bottles remain for long time. Hard liquor can stay for two years before its evaporate. Use red wine must be use in two weeks when it open, white wine in two or three days. So basically this information is given on the bottle. Read them and destroy open bottles if is expire on daily basis.
get rid from space consuming things

2. Plastic or disposable Utensils:

Sometime unintentionally we gathered a lot of plastic or disposable pots in our kitchen. Such as home delivery food utensils or disposable stuff. They take space and most of the time we don’t reuse them. so it’s time to get rid of space consuming things. Clean your kitchen weekly and move them to trash.
get rid of space consuming things

3. Grocery Bags:

Usually we don’t waste grocery bags and even most of the time won’t not use them. Even bags increase every day. This create a big mess. So remove them daily. Another option is that put them all in a grocery bag and give them weekly to the recycler.
get rid of space consuming things

4. Damaged or broken Dishes/pots:

With every day wash dishes and pots have crakes on them. Lots of time microwave or washed, dishes and bowls suck moisture in them. No one suppose throw them or it may not a problem of having these type of dishes and bowls. You also can not donate them. the best idea is to reuse them with creative ideas.
get rid of space consuming things

5. Old Journals:

Most of us having daily newspaper or weekly magazine. Also they remain weeks on coffee table. Most of the time we feel embarrassment in front of our gusts. So the best idea is to get rid of space consuming things such like that old newspapers or magazines weekly. You can only save some vintage copies. Give them to the one who need it or to give them to recycler. You might reuse these papers by upgrading them to a notebook or use them by putting them on floor whenever you have to paint your house. In this way you can safe your floor from paint spots as well.
get rid of space consuming things

5. Useless and Unmatched Socks:

At the end of every month most of us has at least a single sock and lost its pair. And every six months we have handful of single socks. May be laundry gnomes have them or may be your puppy lost them in his play. Its seems to be funny but the situation is that to get rid of these single piece of socks. Having them in your drawer is such headache when find your paired socks. Another way to use them in crafty way to reuse them but not to hold them.
get rid of space consuming things

6. Containers with no lids:

One of kitchen drawer is having containers with no lids. Most of the time we don’t use them. Best time is to remove them as we buy new containers. You can reuse them as well by filling them small plants and put them in your living room window or on terrace.
get rid of space consuming things

7. Expired Spices:

Spices comes on monthly base grocery, and used more than one month. But most of the time having spice of many types that used after four of five months. Having them in cabinet is waste of storage. Most of the time they got expire or some food lost its good smell like cinnamon. So you have to check your spices monthly and get rid of space consuming things.

8. Old eating stuff packets:

When go out for grocery why putting supplies for four persons when you are only two. Go for grocery every week but not to put extra packets of your favorite one. Is this okay when filling the kitchen drawer with expiry food. Fill up the expiry date stuff every month.
get rid of space consuming things

9. Old Medicines:

we tend to have medicines to use for future use. It can be dangerous. Check every month the expiry date of your medicine box. But one thing is very important you must read out and follow the FDA’s advice and check out your medical box if you have any that should be flushed. If you found no prescription avoid to use such type of medicines.

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10. Leftovers with no expiry date and with no description:

Look at the freezer, found something that is unidentifiable or not mention expiry and you also forget when it was brings, don’t use them. Move them to trash.

11. Office Supplies:

Sometimes you have many tings extra of office supplies like extra notepads, card rack, extra files and pens. If you do no need them donate them to an organization or reuse them with crafty ideas to decorate your home.

12. Leftover Paint boxes:

Whenever we renovate our home, many things leftover. generally we don’t use them soon. You put them in your garage and it remains months or some time years there. And likely you change your house color scheme, and it does not match with your house theme. So the formula is that either to get rid of them or to use them. For example paint an old table, paint old flower pots and what ever you want, but not to put them for so long in your house.


13. Old Candles:

Old candles…! such a real problem, the best idea to use them on every night on dinner time. I mean candle light dinner every night and use your all old candles. or another way is to donate them or gift them to someone who love them.

2. Get rid of space consuming things every six months:

 1. Painful Shoes:

Heigh heels looks elegant but some times it hurts your feet and cause of pain.Also ordering from an online website cause size issue and you feel not comfortable in them. That’s why we don’t use them months and months. All of you having one or two pair of such type of shoes in your shoe rack. time comes to get rid of them now. If these are in good condition donate them someone you needs them or to gift your friend.

get rid of space consuming things

2. Forgotten Condiments:

Most of us having a drawer that is full of different types of old condiments. if you are running a fast food shop then i can understand that you have to gathered of all kind of condiments but if not then what is the purpose of having them? Just keep all the condiments that are used on daily or weekly basis.

3. Dull Knives:

Every six months we have at least one knife that is replace with new one, and after years we have handful dull knives. Steak knives cant be easily sharped. if you suppose these knife won’t use anymore then donate them or sell them but be careful while giving them to any one. Pack them in such a way that it doesn’t hurt anyone.

4. Baby Stuff:

It is really a headache to het rid of baby stuff because we all think that baby need more than elders. That’s why we hesitate of throwing baby stuff and at the end of year baby grow up but his/her cloths remains in cupboard. Well time has come to get rid of space consuming thing such like that. If these are in good condition then it is better not to waste them but donate them to the needy one.

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5. Useless extra hair Ties:

get rid of space consuming things

Our hairs deserve better than those old fashioned and useless extra hair ties that are in your hair drawer from last four, five months. 1st of all organize your hair ties, keep only those hair ties that you need and put aside remaining one.

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6. Reference Books

Information change with time, new things comes and old one goes to trash. pass them on. but many old stories or historical books always in good books. but reference Outdated information books must be destroyed.

7. Former Best Sellers

If you have some former beach pass them to your friends so that in this way you can have your little library. Also you can create a little library in your own home.

8. Worn Sheets:

Worn sheets washed away many times and lost their original shine and surface. They’ve been washed so many times they’re practically translucent.Like old kitties warm, old towels and cleaning stuff. time comes to get rid of space consuming things like that. You must get rid of them every six months.

get rid of space consuming things

9. Promotional T-Shirts:

Its funny but sometimes you got promotional t-shirts from different brands and companies. Hardly you wear them. yes…. time has come to get rid of space consuming things like that. You can donate them as well or Diy with it.

10. Extra and single Mugs:

Tea cups and mugs always come home with monthly grocery. Because glasses and mugs brakes every day, Mostly cup handles are broke, but remains in cabin. you should clean these type of cups and mugs every two or three months , if you have mugs in good condition you can planting in them.

get rid of space consuming things

11. Old Workout Gear:

Say good bye to your old workout gear. but only old not one that is in good position. Like yoga mats can be used for years. sneakers can be used for almost nine months but athletic gear not use for long time. So change replace them as things were not more in use.

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12. Reusable Totes:

If you are have a lots of collection of tote but almost always forget to manage them. most of them you do not use more than one time. time comes to get rid rid space consuming things like that. Donate them or gift some one.

 13. Ravel Toiletries:

There are lost of ravel toiletries under sink from last many months. that seems very bad impression, and consuming space. time to get rid from them. if you can organize them reuse them otherwise give them to recycler.

14. Extra Buttons:

Most of the time you unintentionally collect many buttons of different types broken from your shirts or kurta. most of the time they not use as you buy new shirts. DIY with these extra buttons or give your sewing friend.
get rid of space consuming things

3. Get rid of space consuming things yearly:

 1. Clear old broken Vases:

Whenever renovate your house if buy new vases donate old one, you can keep only few favorite one with you. These vases doesn’t no more in use but only consuming space. So get rid from these as soon as possible.

2. Old Wire Hangers:

As everything has its expiry date same as time pass wire hangers turns to zigzag. and no more in use. putting clothes on them is wasting time. every six months. Old and useless hangers must be replace with new one. you can also recycle them or DIY with them.

get rid of space consuming things

3. Plastic Hangers: 

plastic hangers much better than wire hangers. but most of the time when we are in hurry and broke hangers while getting shirts out of them. Donate them or replace them with velvet hangers or wood hangers . These are inexpensive too and can  stay shirts better .

4. Dead Batteries: 

Why you have a stock of dead batteries? having a mind to play with them or save them for your child one. Its funny. Time has come to get rid from space consuming thing like that. Or to recycle them.

5. Fancy Moisturizers:

Some time you buy moisturizer or cleanser that look fancy but not suit on your skin. you don’t use them from last few months. they consume space of your dressing table. Time has come to get rid from space consuming things like these fancy moisturizing bottles. Or to gift one of your friend who can use this.

get rid of space consuming things

6. Old Makeup:

New trends of doing makeup comes as time pass. so say good bye old fashion makeup gradually. because using old makeup can leads you to any infection. Makeup expert says that tossing them after every three months.

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7. Old Nail Polish:

Makeup trends change with time. Nail polish and lipstick shades changes with trends, when buy new nail paint throw the old one because they often use but consuming space .

8. Costume Jewelry:

If you are found of jewelry and wear them with every single dress. Than you have a lot of stock of old and new jewelry. Most of the jewelry you even not wear twice. time has come to get rid such type of jewelry. we are not talking about expensive one. Donate them of gift them to one who needs this. so that create more for new one.

9. Specialty Baking Pans: 

here we talk about of those people who are found of baking. apparently different shapes of cake looks awesome but you need of them once or twice in a year. they consuming space. You need to learn basics instead to buy every shape of baking pans.

10. Big or Small clothes:

One of the drawer in our cupboard is full of old small and big useless cloths. Use them properly in any useful way or donate them if they are in good condition. you can make then cleaning cloth as well.

11. Old Towels:

Old towels can be used in many ways. You can DIY with it or if you have no time for it donate them to animal shelter or the one who needs this. You can use them as rags or you can DIY with them.

get rid of space consuming things

12. Old Mattress:

Experts says that mattress should be replace with new one every eight or nine  years. Because they became the cause of many diseases. Save yourself and take care about health.

13. Old Phones:

Don’t give your used phone to any one except your family member. because your personal information can be leaked out. But how to get rid from space consuming things such as old phones..? you can make your own museum of old mobiles or tabs.

14. DVDs and CD collection:

Technology change very fast from last few years. This is the time of smartness. convert your DVD or CD collection onto your PC and get rid from old dvd’s and cd’s. you can also DIY with these old CD’s & DVD’s.

get rid of space consuming things

15. Old Cards

Every time you go to any shop you receive their visiting card on return. at home and thus have a collection of different visiting cards. Some of them not more in use. waste them , but you can save the number of your need in your cell phone. clear the space for new things. give old cards to recycler.

16. Unused Craft Supplies:

Knitting is a great hobby in free time and it also helpful in de-stressing. You should knitting but if you have no time for knitting give your supplies to the learner one or you can donate them to the old age home. So that is how to get rid from space consuming things such like that.

get rid of space consuming things

17. Social media: 

Social media is the best option to decompress. Making new friends and knowing abut new trends and social life is good for you, but if you have a bad habit of scrolling than  delete these apps. Be social, be real.

18. Fake “Friends”:

Yes, flush out fake friends, it is better for you and also for your family as well. Don’t permit anyone to play any more with you. At the end of every year think this perspective of life because some decision are good for your future.

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