How to get rid of random numbness or diabetic numbness in feet?

Many people go through this issue of numbness. Numbness in feet is not just your leg sleeping but may be a symptom of a serious illnesses like diabetes or sclerosis. So here is an article that will help you in getting rid of random numbness and numbness related to diabetes.


  • Sometimes we randomly get numbness in feet or toes. That usually happens when we sit or stand for a long time. So to get rid of that, you can just move your feet while sitting or go for a little walk.


  1. You can start regularly exercising to avoid numbness from happening in the first place.
  2. You should always stretch very well before exercising and wear proper shoes.
  3. You should stretch a little when you wake up in the morning before doing any chore.
  • Sometimes we stay in one position for a long time before realizing that we can’t feel our feet or legs. So we should keep changing or position every few minutes at least.
  1. You should not sit on feet or legs crossed for a longer period of time.
  2. Try to elevate your feet from time to time to keep the blood flow going.
  • A little over tight clothing is very bad for blood flow. So we should avoid wearing tight clothes on lower body.
  1. So try to avoid overly tight clothes like socks, pants etc.
  • You should massage your feet regularly for a few minutes to avoid numbness.
  • Another cause for numbness is because of the cold. If your feet get too cold, warm them a little with the usage of heated blanket or heating pad.
  • We often wear shoes that are not of our size and heels. Both of them can cause numbness. So do not wear too tight shoes especially while you are working out.
  1. Insoles in shoes can also make them comfortable.
  • Numbness is normal if it happens sometimes but you should know when it is a serious problem. Get medical help if you notice any of the signs below.
  1. If you feel weak, loss of bladder control or slurring of speech along with numbness.
  2. In pregnancy, it is normal to have swollen feet so just do as the doctor recommends.


  • Patients of diabetes often feel numbness in feet or toes because it damages the nerves which cause blood flow to become poor. So if you feel numbness that stays for a few minutes, make sure to see a doctor because it is one of the first symptoms of diabetes.
  • To prevent any kind of blood circulation, you need to manage your diabetes very carefully.
  1. Ask your doctor for a balanced with diet with all the fruits and vegetables and follow it.
  2. Take your medications properly.
  3. Smoking is bad for diabetes so get help in getting rid of smoking.
  • Obesity can be a contributing factor to numbness so get a proper plan from your doctor to lose weight and manage numbness and diabetes.
  1. Losing excess weight can cause the blood pressure to get low. This will help you with numbness.
  • There are many products that are designed especially for foot care of diabetic people.
  1. Ask your doctor to recommend you special lotions that can help in preventing the numbness.
  2. Compression hose and socks are also in the list of special products that help with numbness by making the blood circulation better.
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