Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Blondes girls think that only they can have fun with platinum and dirty blondes. And brunettes will always be left with just “brown” hair. But today, we are going to break those stereotypes! This is because it is high time that blondes pass down their baton because hair color ideas for brunettes know no bounds if the research is right. So, if you are a brunette and want to show your edgy side, change your hair color. If you are out of the ideas, let you help you with that! There are amazing options to choose from be it ombre fade or balayage, brunettes can have all the fun! so give a glance at Best Hair Color Ideas for Brunette.

hair color ideas for brunettes

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Best Hair Color Ideas for Brunette.

Sun-kissed Highlights

With the summers here, it is beach time. If you don’t want to go that edgy beach party with the same old hair, get some face-framing blonde highlights to change the look. Just get that beach-ready glow instantly. But many girls opt for streaks and if you don’t want to go that road, add gold tones opposed with platinum and white. The last tip, get the highlights on the crown area for a more natural and sun-kissed look.

Mushroom Brown

Nope, we aren’t pushing you to the brown road again because this brown is going to be different! It has a melted mushroom-like shade which seems to be the perfect mix of taupe and ashy blonde. So, all the uber-chic ladies have been getting this mushroom-colored fade, which has both warm and cool tones to ensure a subtle shade range!

Rose Gold Fade

If you have the hair that gets orange with the cut-down, rose gold will look ah-mazing on you as it will brighten up the brunette hair and not touch the roots. It starts as a warm rosy toned glow for the softer look and with the time, it will turn into a funky orange and pink color. So, a look that will not waste your money even after fading out!

Warm Red Glaze

If you don’t want to compromise on your hair health by bleaching them out, the over-all glaze is the perfect option to add life to your hair. If you think your brown locks look boring and dull, adding the tinge of red tones to the hair will take out that burgundy look. Moreover, these colors will add the shine and strength to the hair so, choose this to make a whole new look!

Smoky Brunette

As the name suggests, it will be smokey and black to brunette which not only looks stunning but also makes sure you don’t have to go blonde. Moreover, it will be a darker shade so you will not have to jump out of the comfort zone and your lock will thank you for luscious looks.

Colored Ends

If you are comfortable with the brownish-black shade of your hair but just want to experiment, you can go for a dip-dye of some wild color to add that pop factor to your hair. This look will be a little messy and carefree which will just melt into your hair for a transition.  P.S we love the pink and neon shades but if that is too much for you, you can go for teal or navy shades.

Classic Ombre

This Color becomes popular a few years back. Since then, it has been the talk of town be it, Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba, all have experimented with this dye. This hair color will make sure that you flaunt the brunette to blond luscious locks. This is the perfect option if you don’t want to get the touchups again and again. Because even if the hair grows, the natural color will add to the look.

Chocolate Melt

Deep browns might be a downside hill but the chocolate brown is an instant turn-on. This option will only enhance the color rather than changing it. This is because it will add the subtle tones to the hair by adding brunette shades for a more decadent look. If you are new to hair dying, start with this!

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Icy Gray

If blondes are too mainstream for you, a grayish fade will work like charms for you. And it will work edgier than the highlights. If you are going on the aging side and see the grey strands in your hair, opt for this color. Because they will not only look cool. Plus, you must always embrace and go with the flow. With this color, you will go with the flow in an uber-chic way!

Ashy Balayage

This is the center of gold and grey. And makes a great summer blond streaks which you can rock at the beach in summers. It is sure to enlighten the brunette locks and give them that oomph that has been missing. With this dye, opt for a blended color at the crown which will make the color prominent at the hair tips.

Hidden Rainbow Hair

If you have an office job and you still want to stay rock, this is the color you should try. We are recommending this because of this color. The outer hair will look all the same but when you pull them up in a half-up style, a streak of colored hair will fall adding that “whoa” factor to the boring hair!


Yup, we are sure you read it as blonde and thought that we made the mistake. But no, it’s not true. This color is the perfect mix of blond and brunette and Blake Lively (aka Serena Van Der Woodson) has been rocking it since forever. All the colors will be naturally blended into the hair. It is perfect if you want to go blonde in the future. So, go a “little” blonde before embracing that golden crown!

Dusty Pink

This is just like rose gold but the warm tones have been eliminated to keep the pop-out factor. This is to ensure a trendy and interesting factor. If you have natural ash blonde color, this shade will look gorgeous on you and will blend seamlessly.

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