Goals for a Healthy Relationship

Goals for a Healthy Relationship are something, that every couple should have the guts to live happily as well as to achieve happily married life goals. It is very important for every couple to adopt these key points to build a long-term bound as well as happily married life ever.

Happy married life Goals are as under:

1. No comparison with other couples:

One of the most important happy married life goals is that life partners should compare anyone of both of them to others. Like every person has his individual personality, the same like this love is individual and different from others, and it is only up to you what you include in your relationship. You won’t expect the same thing or same love in your relationship than any other of your family or friends have in their relationship, it will represent you – and just you. Make your happy married life goals to make your memories and to make you every day remarkable. Like, in an evening, leave all your tasks aside, just sit to gather, legs up to the wall and take tea. And you both just talk about yourself. Such a seemingly tiny thing can be a remarkable memory later, and no one can understand why you cherish it so much.

  2. Everyday cuddles:

happy married life goalsMondays are always boring and terrible, but if you have someone special to share it with them, then it is not. To share your everyday routine is a key to get relax and to bring out your stress. Because telling your happiness and trouble to someone who loves you a lot, is like getting a new day with no worries. There is no normal day, if there is someone truly loves you, cheers up you every day. Everyday cuddles make your life happier than a normal routine. The wife should take the responsibility to cheers him after his working. A man should also share his worries with her because sharing belongs to caring, this picture represents this happily married life goals contrast very well.

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3. A place of our own:

happy married life goalsFor every couple in love, there is a world of inside jokes, lovely hugs and romantic words, which only they know. Enter this world of your own daily. Set this as your happy married life goals, No one can go there but only both lovers. Only you can visit your paradise every single day to keep it alive, together with the flame of your love.

4. Home is where your loves one life:

happy married life goals

A perfect home is that where your loved one lives, waits for you, take care of you, and shared everything with his love bird. No doubt house is a solid base, but you can rely on but with whom you love a lot. This is one of the happily married life goals that are mandatory for the sake of happiness in married life. So don’t hesitate to move in together, and make lovebird-trips to the local furniture warehouse.

5. Silence can be golden:

happy married life goalsSometimes couples or one of them needs privacy, need silence. it is also important as a happy married life. Going on a date, doing something together and spending memorable with each other is very important but the same as this, there are moments when it’s enough to be together and wants some privacy, while your loved one is present. It’s a precious form of being together when you don’t have to talk to know you’re loved.

6. The morning routine:

happy married life goalsMorning routines almost boring and stressful, when you do your morning work alone. But at home if you have loved one, who shares those mornings with you, you can get filled up with fantastic energy just by looking at your loved one, by performing morning tasks for you, by brushing your teeth and by preparing breakfast for you, no matter he or she will be. Male or female both can play the same part for each other to complete happily married life goals to live happily married life.

7. Frustration among couples:

Frustration…! Sometimes even the closest couples got frustrated, engage in the debate. This is completely normal behavior. One thing you both couples have to remember as a happily married life goal is not to hurt each other trying to be always right. when both of you feel that is is going to be hard to stop talking, be patient, and knowing why you fell in love with each other, This rule is the key point in happily married life goals.

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8. Long-life learning:

happy married life goals

By sharing your life experience with your life partner mans learning new skills, as life goes, more your experience increases. Love kicks you out of your comfort zone and makes you learn new things, which is a wonderful opportunity for the development of your life.

9. New things are coming:

Life is the name of learning, every single day, Love shows a different face. It is just awesome which helps both of you to develop and to never be bored. At least if you can find something new in every moment, even in the hard ones.

11. Remember the good times:

Sometimes things can get really tough. but when it hits very hard, you have to remember the loveliest memories of good old days. Bring along the nostalgic waves to help you through those hard days to live together for a happy married life. This married life goal is remarkable and does good work on bad days.

12. Bedroom stories complete happy married life goals:

happy married life goalsCuddles and romantic hugs in the bedroom are very important for a happy married life. To fall asleep close to the one you love most. It can be the best feeling on Earth to fall sleep with a hug. Snooze a little while cuddling each other, and forget about the hardships of life for a few minutes.

13. Caring for each other:

happy married life goalsPeople who love each other do a lot of things for each other, many favors for each other. These simple decisions and cute signs of love, like carrying her back to the bedroom while she fell asleep on the living room couch. Don’t feel shame to return the favor if you can, and remind him about your feelings.

14. Everyday fun:

happy married life goals

Add more fun in your life, even the simplest everyday task can be fun, so don’t afraid to make it. Just set common happy married life goals, and help each other reach it, while you feel great, this is the secret of long-lasting, true love.

15.Kisses and emotions:

happy married life goals

An amazing trick even in a bad situation is kissing, a kiss is not just a kiss, you can express every kind of feeling from love to doubt, from happiness to reconciliation. Even when you thought you have no words to express your feeling at that time kissing can tell everything to your life partner, kisses take over the scene. kiss your life partner many times a day can build a strong relationship. this happily married life goal works very well even in very bad conditions. Set this rule in the book of happy married life goals.

16. Together all the time:

happy married life goalsNo doubt, having some alone time is important, even in the closest relationship. But not at the tie when you’re loved when you need you most. The best times are those together-times, and your life partner never feels any time that he/she is alone, feel them that you are the other half is always there for him/her.

17. Expecting:

when your life partner is expecting, your love takes a new level.. expecting pregnancy means a lot to a couple. when a little human being gives the first sign of arrival, no other moment can be compared to this moment. this level of love is also very important fo a happy married life.

18. A long way to go:

Time after the first positive pregnancy test result of having twins in your life, it’s a long time till delivery. this long time is the happiest period of time. Man can help her wife in many ways in this period of time and can happy memories. Couples learn a lot in this period.

19. Family excursion-happy married life goals:

Family times together, in the good book of happy married life goals, is important. in this regard, they give a solid base to their kids’ emotional development and also form beautiful memories as well.

20. Comfort and care:

When the hard times come, there is only your family or loves one here to console you and give you emotional comfort and also practical help to them as well. This act bound couples more tightly because your family is the first turn your sorrows into happiness, and they cheer you up, whatever the situation is.

21. Bae’s birthday:

There is nothing better than waking up to your life partner at midnight on his/her birthday night and give a surprise. these little surprises make life romantic, wish him/her the best on this beautiful day. This acts complete happily married life goals that you set for life.

22. Apology:

happy married life goals

when your wife gets pregnant her moods change very fast so quick and short apologies after debates, makes perfect love, plus the changing moods of an expectant wife.

23. Feeling her moves:

feel the emotions of her by touching her belly with her. It’s a surprising and lovely feeling to literally keep in touch with your baby through her mother’s skin.

24. Lovely bunch:

It’s a beautiful moment when siblings get to know each other. The little one is cuddled by his older brother.

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25. Spots:

Spots and freckle on her nose is something to fall in love with. As well the kids will most likely inherit it, to have even more of the good thing.

26. console her in Loss:

happy married life goals

A miscarriage is a big loss for the whole family. No one is alone in their grief. Many couples suffer from this stage, but they have to know that like happens, sorrows never remain, and at this time both couples have to play a part to console each other. Creating something emotional out of your grief is a productive way of coping with this enormous loss. Crying your emotions out is also accepted. Everyone must know that no tears have to be held inside.

27. A night at the movies:

happy married life goals

Movies give us a whole new world to look at. They are made on a huge budget, while movie tickets are relatively cheap, and rentals are even cheaper. And there are always new stories to watch and let ourselves travel to a different universe.

28. In front of the kids:


We think it’s no problem to share a kiss even in front of kids and help mom in his household affairs. They even think it’s funny, and they are not afraid of emotions.

29. In the shower booth:

Both must take a shower together. Showering alone is a waste of water. showering together is a moment of fun. It is the best time in the list of happily married life goals.

30. That’s how our nights look like:

happy married life goalsits is the last but not the least key point in the book of happy marriage life goals that when you are renovating the kids’ room they end up sleeping in the master bedroom for a time. Or maybe some other times as well. But it’s a lovely feeling to have your whole gang around.

These above happy married life goals can become a couple’s life more than any other’s life. follow these relationship goals for a happily married life to make your life happiest ever and long last bounding between both of you.

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