How to appear offline on Instagram?

A Social networking site plays the role of the biggest and easiest platform to help people from around the globe to connect, in order to let others be an audience of our lives and help our personalities to become an extrovert.

Hence, we may allow our social networking sites to make our lives public to the world around us, but we still want a few things to remain private. Among those few things,people seeing our ‘online’ status is at the top of the list.

As if people were not already too irritated when widely used social networking sites Facebook and whats app launched this feature to their users, some time ago, now  the hottest and trendiest ‘Instagram’, also called ‘IG’ or ‘Insta’, which is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, introduced us to their new update that allows our friends list to know our ‘activity status’.

Looks like Facebook wants all of it’s owned SNS to share the same feature.

In ‘Activity status’ feature, thankfully not all of our ‘followers’ and “following’ have an access to it but everybody we recently talked privately to in our ‘direct messages’ can see an ‘active now’ and a ‘green dot’ with our name, indicating that we are using the app at the moment.

But only if It ended there, as it also keeps a track on how many seconds, minutes, hours or days ago we were last active on the app and shows the time.

Okay now I know what you are thinking, it does have it’s own pros as we can see if a certain friend of ours is intentionally ignoring our messages, even when they are online, but con is too big to ignore, since we all have those few creepy stalkers in our friends list,who are always looking to DM (direct message) us or just keep an eye on our activities , or some of us do not want to connect with anybody, just surf in peace while enjoying looking at our friends’ profiles or memes and vines, and do not want some acquaintances or a certain nosy relative to meddle in our lives.

But, don’t worry, as Howtorid is here yet again to save the day. Thankfully, there is away to disable the online status. And it’s pretty easy too so if you ever want to do that just follow our simple yet effective step to step guide. This article also includes pictures which will help you understand the process more easily.

So, let us get started!

STEP 1: ­­­­­

Tap on  your Instagram app to open it and  then login to your account using your user name and details. Then, go to your profile page, where you will find the settings button as shown in the picture below. Just follow the red arrow.


Reached inside the settings? Now look for ‘Privacy and Security’ in there. Once you have found that, you will easily see ‘Activity Status’.


 Just tap on‘Activity status’ and a new page will open. Here, if you want to switch it off,you can easily slide the circle and it will. But if you decide against it and want the feature to be on, just let it remain on. Your call!

Yup! It is done. Pretty simple and easy right? Always remember, you can always just switch it on or off back, any where and anytime, according to your need or preference.

Hence, now you may use your Instagram account comfortably, just as you wish.

And by the way, you are welcome!  🙂

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