How to Apply Eye Makeup Professionally

Eye makeup tips are for someone learning self-grooming and a beginner in makeup. There’s no embarrassment in that. We’ve all gone through from that time. You do not know what brushes are best to use, what best eye makeup to apply according to your eyes, which specific eye shadow colors use for which type of dresses, and how to blend properly eye shadows by yourself. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! This article is about How to Apply Eye Makeup Professionally. This makeup tutorial will definitely help any beginner learn how to do eye makeup correctly and beautifully.

How to Apply Eye Makeup Professionally

Step1. Always use an eye primer first.

By using eye primer you make your skin smooth on which you can apply and blend makeup easily. You can use eyeshade base on your eyes to stick eyeshade on your eyes, if both are not available then you can use concealer or foundation for this purpose. They will do the same.

Step 2. At beginning learn with a basic eye shadow palette.

The beginner must start with basic eye shadow colors. Like show under below in palette. Use most light color to apply at the start of your eyes, light brown for eyeshade, dark brown to shape your eyelid, and blackish color to corner your eye.

Step 3. Get the right eye makeup brushes.

It is very important to choose correct brushes for your eye makeup. If you want to apply makeup very beautifully then you must know which brush is best for applying eye shadow.

Here are some brushes and their functions that every beginner must know about them.

  1. Blending is seriously a beauty hack, perfect blending changes your look from simple to chic. The perfect blending brush is a little bit long, thick, very soft and flexible than having a tapered tip; this type of brush will ensure perfect eye shade blending and never smearing them around.
  2. You need a little brush for applying makeup to a small space. This brush does well in this regard, like under your eyebrows, at the inside corner of your eye.
  3. That brush is for applying eye shadows to your lid and brow bone, brush that is 1/3 of your eyelid, or the width of the fingernail of your middle finger. This brush is blended with a heavier line. And also for a high lighter.
  4. This brush is very amazing because we can use it for multi-purposes. Its flat side is used for eyeliner, we can use it to shape our eyes, to shape our eyebrows. And the second side is to set our eyebrow hairs. This brush is amazing.
    You can use more brushes rather than that. The below picture is the perfect example to use the right brushes and for applying the right makeup on your eyes.

Step4. Apply the highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes.

Highlighter is very important because it brightens up your eyes. Using a highlighter inner corner of your eyes make your eyes brighten if using under your eyes can banish your dark circles. So it is important that while doing makeup use highlighter according to function. Always use this type of palette for highlighter.

Glide your flat brush on the lightest shade and apply this on the inner corner of the eyes. This is where most of the product should be and then you can easily blend outwards after.
Make sure to tap your brush before applying to remove excess product.

Step 5. Apply eyeliner and Mascara

Eyeliner is the basic part of our eye makeup. It is used to define your eye shape in a beautiful manner, it is applied around your eyes, both eyeliner and mascara can enhance your eyes, but it is important that the way you apply eyeliner is suitable for your eyes, that when you apply it onto your eyes your eyes must look beautiful. One thing is very important while purchasing an eyeliner brush, keep in mind that eyeliner brush must be very thin and soft, a little bit log. You can purchase this type of brush.

After applying eyeliner must curl your eyelashes, as it looks much pretty, and it gives shape to your eyelashes.

After that apply mascara, if you are a beginner then put something under your lower eyelid, as it helps you to apply a clean mascara onto your eyes.

beginners eye makup tips

One thing keeps in mind that you can’t learn makeup at your 1st attempt, practice makes your makeup perfect. As you see, these basic natural eye makeup tips are very easy and with some practice, you’ll be able to get a master in it. Once you do, blending colors and creating new looks will be as easy as eating pie! ☺

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