How to apply eyeliner by yourself

Liner completes the look of your makeup. Every girl loves to apply eyeliner on her eyes but not every girl is familiar with applying a perfect eyeliner on her eyes. Of all the skills, the liner is the one in which I was not mastered. But I gave a lot of struggles to get satisfaction and perfection in applying a beautiful liner on the eyes. Eyeliner is a great way to define and bring out eyes. Here is today’s topic, I will be sharing the tips on how to apply eyeliner step-by-step by yourself.

How to apply eyeliner by yourself

According to girls, eyeliner is the most important part of makeup. Those girls think that this is the most important part of the makeup, which’s like the eyeliner most. So if this is the same thinking of yours, then you will get perfection in applying eyeliner on your eyes. the article is written to help you in making a clear an fine line on the eyes with the eyeliner. so for the tips give it a read.


  1. The first thing that you will need to do is eyeliner before you have makeup on. You can apply eyeliner before the eye shadow. And if u want to look more-better, then u have to apply eyeliner after apply the eye shadow. Your eyes must be bared if you put liquid eyeliner on your eyes. It looks too much beautiful.
  2. Secondly, gently hold your upper eyelid, so that you can apply eyeliner easily.
  3. It is difficult to apply liquid eyeliner, so when you will apply this, you will want to apply or put it on your eyes right. You don’t want to have what looks like a line on your eye.
  4. Then you can apply eyeliner, starting from the inner corner of your eyelid and make one long sweep across the entire eyelid.
  5. You can also start in the middle of the eyelid and make one long sweep from the middle to the end corner of your eyelid and then again make one sweep from the middle to the inner corner of your eyelid.
  6. If you don’t want to apply a liquid liner, you can also apply a pencil eyeliner and some other types of liner like waterproof eyeliner.
  7. But I’ll suggest you apply a liquid liner, as I already told you in the first point of this article.
  8. If you want to make eyelashes appear to be thick but you don’t want a visible line, you must be perfect to apply it.
  9. You have to do the same method on your other eye.
  10. You can also use a pancake eyeliner. I’m still using it. And this is the best eyeliner for me. Because I use it for years. But if you want to apply a pancake liner, you need an eyeliner brush for this. So that you can easily apply it to your eyes and make your eyes beautiful an attractive. To apply a pancake eyeliner is also difficult. But no impossible. To do something for the first time is difficult but you can make yourself perfect time to time.
  11. Here you can use a colorful liner also. Colorful eyeliners are easily available in the market in normal prizes. The method to apply a liner is the same for all eyeliners.
  12. If your eyes are small, then you should apply a liner thick. But if you have big or sharper eyes, you should apply a liner thin which looks beautiful on your eyes.


How to apply eyeliner for smokey eyes

  1. To make your eyes Smokey, you must have to use a pancake eyeliner, which is best for it. But if you want to use some other eyeliners, so you can use it, there is no issue.
  2. The first step to applying eyeliner to make your eyes Smokey is similar to apply a simple eyeliner as I already told you.
  3. Secondly, after applying a liner on your eyes simply, you have to apply a liner on the end corner of your eyelid.
  4. Make a thick line start from the end of the eyelid and sweep it to the upper side of the end of the eyelid by the liner.


  1. First, open your eyes. It is instinctual to close your eyes while applying shadow and eyeliner to the lid.
  2. But when you close your eyes completely, you lose the ability to apply straight eyeliner.
  3. Keep both eyes a little open.
  4. Apply eye shadow primer first, and then apply a foundation on your eye and after that apply an eye shadow. I know you are thinking that “More steps?” no way! It looks more steps for you because you have to use it for the first time. Use of eye shadow primer before applying the eyeliner is important because it wouldn’t spread the eyeliner on your whole eye.
  5. After that, apply a liquid liner. The method “How to apply eyeliner by yourself” is already told you in the most upper part of this article.

When you will apply eyeliner for the first time, it will be difficult. So don’t be scared that you can’t do it. Just remember that you can do it and you will.

Gel Eye Liner

The trend is moving towards the gel eyeliner. Most of the people destroy their eyeliner because they use water with their gel eyeliner. So while you are applying a gel eyeliner do not dip the brush into the water otherwise you will not be able to apply the perfect eyeliner

This was all about the eyeliner and eyeliner tips. I hope you got a better understanding by giving this a read. We have more makeup tips related article on our site. If you liked our article then share it with your friends and family and help us to grow. In case you want something more you can write to us in the below comment section. We always appreciate your recommendations and respect your wors. So o not hesitate and write us below. We will try to catch you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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