How To Do Makeup For Wedding

A woman’s wedding day is something most dream of, and even plan, form the time they were little girls swinging on the playground. And when the time arrives, a vast number of things have to be prepared. I must say that ladies want only an excuse to wear makeup and when it comes to wedding season it becomes a need of time. even if you are not a bride but going to attend the wedding then dazzle and beauty is all, you are concerned about. here is the guide on How To Do Makeup For Wedding. so have a look.

As doing makeup is difficult, but it is trendy so everyone wants to learn makeup tips to apply by selves. Sharing my personal experience I was not able to do makeup by myself. But at the same time, I was tired of going out somewhere in any saloon for makeovers. it was difficult for me to move towards anyone else for my makeup. Then I decided to learn how to do makeup for any party or wedding by selves. I used the same techniques, mentioned here step by step, to give a try on my own face. And after some time, I got a command on the makeup. Here in this article, I’m going to tell you how to do makeup for the wedding by yourself.

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How To Do Makeup For Wedding-Simple Steps 


First of all, make sure that your skin will neat and clean, which means that wash your face properly. Because for doing makeup, your face should be neat that no dust will place on it.


Then take a primer and apply 2 to 3 drops of it on your face. Mix it well. Primer is the makeup product that has the best results. After applying a primer. Makeup will not be disturbed all the time. If you won’t use the primer, it’s your choice. But I prefer you to use the primer before starting your makeup.


Foundation the most important part of the makeup. Because without it, you can’t do your makeup. Take a foundation color according to your skin tone. Like mostly the brown color of foundation is used in the makeup. All the colors of foundations are easily available in the market. There are diff types of foundations in the makeup product. Liquid foundation, TV stick and some others.


Concealer is used to hide your face marks or hurdles on your face. It has the best results also. By using a concealer, you can neat your foundation tone.


Now firstly do your eye makeup before applying the foundation. Apply the eye shadow base that holds your makeup properly and for full time. But if you haven’t an eye shadow base, you can simply apply a foundation. Take an eyeshade brush. Take an eyeshade kit. Then apply an eyeshade on your eyes according to your dress color. It’s not important for you to apply an eyeshade color as same to same of your dress color. You can change your eyeshade color which looks beautiful on your dress.


Then apply eyeliner after applying the eyeshade on your eyes. Eyeliner is the most beautiful part of the makeup. Because if you won’t do eye makeup, and just you apply eyeliner to your eyes, it will be looking beautiful. And your eyes also look too bold and beautiful.


After applying the eyeliner, apply mascara on your eyelashes. By using the mascara, your eyelashes would be looked big and volume.


If you want to apply artificial eyelashes to look more beautiful, you can apply it. But make sure that you could be done this with cleanliness.

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After applying the concealer, take a contour brush and with the help of it, contour your cheeks, nose, and chin. So that your face looks slim after contour. Contouring is an important part of the makeup as well as foundation. If you don’t contour your face, your face will look fat. Mostly the brown color is used for contour.


Make sure that you can use the right color of blush on. apply blush on your cheeks and nose. You can use a cream blush on and powder blush on well. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend it upward.

  • If you have a fair skin color with a cool undertone, use the baby pink color of the blush.
  • If you have a fair color with a warm undertone, use the golden apricot color of the blush.
  • And if you have medium skin color, use the rosy pink color of blush.


Highlighter isn’t always in everyone’s bag. But its purpose is to make certain facial features like your eyes look larger and it adds a glowing look.  Two types of highlighters are available in the markets. Liquid highlighter and powder highlighter.

  • If you use a liquid highlighter, dab it with the help of brush in the shape of checkmarks after using the foundation or concealer. Apply it under your eyebrows and eyes and upside the cheeks.
  • If you’re using a powder highlighter, then apply it just under the eyebrows. Don’t use it under your eyes or on your skin, because it can affect your skin badly.


Lipstick is the most important part of the makeup as well as the foundation and some others. Without lipstick, you have an incomplete makeup look. Your makeup will not be completed without lipstick and infect you wouldn’t look beautiful without lipstick. Lipstick is the last part of makeup but most important. You can apply lipstick according to your dress color. But if you’re doing your eyes makeup dark, then apply a light color of lipstick. And if you apply a light eyes makeup, ten you can apply a dark color lipstick. You can apply both mat and liquid lipsticks. Even you can also use a lip gloss.

These were some simple tips on How To Do Makeup For Wedding. we hope that you would have liked it

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