How to Get Fever with Garlic

Fake a fever with garlic is the easiest way if you want to make a pretense of illness, no matter what the reason behind it. Maybe someone wants to quit school, someone is not ready to attend a meeting or maybe you do not want to go on an unwanted dinner. It may possible that someone wants to go back home a little bit early but he does not want to listen to the pinching words. Here we guide you How to Get Fever with Garlic

It may be because of many reasons, we do not interfere in this. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended to give an accurate or authentic excuse. Explain the main reason that why are you not willing to accept the invitation to meeting or dinner, or why you want to skip your school class.

Why People preferred to make a fake fever with garlic?

There are different techniques which can help you to get a sham illness, but without getting ill indeed. This is preferable because it is available easily in the kitchen. You can find it without any difficulty. Even if you are at school or office you can find the garlic from somewhere nearby. This method is mostly used by the students. They often play this trick to fake a fever with garlic, so that their parents would allow skipping the school. Let’s find out how it actually works.

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How to Get Fever with Garlic

Before discussing how this garlic clove works to fake a fever, keep it in mind that this trick is not for everyone. You can say that it does not suit everyone. A scientist has given the reason which we will try to discuss in the below sections, briefly.

Garlic contains many chemicals and it can make your armpit damaged as your armpit skin is so vulnerable. When you put the garlic clove under your arms, it simply extracts the chemicals. Those chemicals get absorbed into your skin and stimulate the symptoms of fever.

fever with garlic

To get a fake fever with garlic cut the garlic clove sidewise in two halves. Put these halve in your armpits either left or right (or you can place it on both sides as well). Leave this overnight. Next, in the morning you will feel the symptoms of fever. Due to the tart garlic odor, you will smell pungent like ill people mostly possess.

How long it is necessary to put a garlic clove in armpits?

Now the question here arises that for how long we are required to that half garlic clove under the arms? We mentioned a period of one night that means nearly 6 to 8 hours. But because of the pervasive garlic smell, people get irritated. To get prominent symptoms it is compulsory to put these cloves, if not over a night, then at least for an hour.

This method is quick but not hold the proof. If someone gets to check on you then he will easily catch you cheating and you will have to go to your workplace or dinner. But if you place the thermometer after removing the garlic slice, on the same position or site then it will show some high change in temperature.

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Scientific Theory on How to fake a Fever with Garlic?

So it is easy to fake fever with garlic but everyone must be suspicious about it that how it can work so fast. Here is the explanation in the form of theory. This theory will open up the secret that how it gives the symptoms of fever so fast. Have a look at the facts mentioned below:

Antisepsis Effect

The armpit is a delicate space that is covered in a thin layer so air moves into your body more easily through this fragile part. The garlic has antisepsis effects in it. With its smell, this effect gets into the stream of blood because of thin layered skin.

fever with garlicAttraction towards microorganisms.

Garlic attracts the microorganisms with its odor. Not just microorganisms but it also attracts some viruses that provoke the symptoms of fever. When you place the garlic in your armpit, many microorganism and viruses come near your boy that starts and trigger the natural defense system of the body.

Because of this energy spend on the fight against viruses and microorganisms, the temperature of the bod began to rise. Simultaneously you show up some fever signs. Here, we are clearing one point which you and many people were unaware of. Fever is not a disease itself. It is just a rise in normal body temperature because of the business of the body’s defense system

Induces the production of Immunoglobulin E and Histamine

The garlic odor is responsible for inducing this antibody, immunoglobulin E. when the Garlic’s smell enters into the stream of blood it takes this as a toxic agent or object. So to fight against this the antibody Immunoglobulin is released which fifths against the garlic protein. This results in the production of Histamine in the mast cells of the body. This hormone named Histamine is responsible for the inflammation and then the signs of fever emerge out. According to time record, this inflammation occurs in just a few minutes after placing the garlic in the armpit (underarms)

Some natural pesticides in the garlic

There are some natural pesticides present in the garlic. These are syn-propanediol-S-oxide pesticides. When the pesticides come in contact with the tempered skin it induces allergy which causes itching and redness. And in the end the rise of temperature in that specific part of the body (armpit in this case).

It is a fact that everything which gives you benefits has some negative effects as well on the other side. So be practical and be attentive while doing this trick. Because in case you are allergic and have skin problem then it may lead to devastating effects. Instead of getting what you are wanting, you get something that puts you in more trouble. The armpit skin is so delicate that it cannot hold any allergy more than the desired effect so before practicing it apply this on some other part of the body. And make it sure that you are not allergic to garlic anyways. Be careful and do not use if it is irritating you or pinching you.

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Some Other supportive features of Fever

The rise in your body temperature is not just enough to make your lie a truth. So placing the garlic when it helps you to raise the temperature to make this trick more real practice some other techniques as well. Here we have mentioned briefly

  • Make your muscles tight and let your body vibrate. This will make you shiver which is the most prominent sign of fever.
  • Try to make your body sweat. It is not that difficult, for this you can have some sweat blocks. If you are unable to go out for buying, do some jogging at the moment in the private hall or room. Otherwise, you can do aerobics to warm up your body. In this matter, you are required to consider the open thing. Try to keep your body sweat without abnormal breathing.
  • Show up some fake pain.
  • Try to resist more eating, as in real fever people lose their appetite.
  • Because you are pretending to be sick so express the signs of weakness.

fake fever garlic

Precautions to avoid damage or harm

Although you are trying to play a trick of fake fever with garlic if it goes in an uncontrolled manner, it will lead to some real diseases or factual issues. So it is really important to have a continuous check and some precautionary measures.

  • Make it sure, when you are doing this no one is seeing you
  • Make it sure that you are not allergic to garlic
  • Do not let the temperature rise so high. Otherwise, your family will take you to the doctor.
  • Do not smile and try to feel some pain

End of Discussion

By placing the garlic clove under the arms may increase the boy’s temperature and give you freedom from your task, in present. Everyone who is going through this article, keep in mind that this will burden you in the future. This is because fake fever with garlic will just help you quit the task for a time being but it will not set you free from responsibilities ever. And next, you will have to fulfill all the tasks in a shorter time.

Try to face the situation. It is not always good to put excuses for your laziness. P[erhaps you may have some genuine reason to leave but still try to seek advice from a trusty colleague in that matter. This is informative content and it does not say to fool others by following such tricks. Visit for more informative articles.

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