How to Grow Mustache Faster

If you want to transform your look or your age is more but you look very childish then one thing that you can do is to grow your facial hair, If you have a thick and nice looking mustache your personality will be changed and you will look more bold and attractive to some or most of the people. But sometimes it gets hard for people to grow a mustache fast, especially for teenagers or for the people with the genetics of low facial growth, but there are very fewer chances of having nice thick mustache if you don’t have the genetics of good facial hair growth. In this article, we will be demonstrating How to Grow Mustache Faster.

How to Grow Moustache Faster

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How to Grow Mustache Faster

There are many ways to grow a mustache fast but the fastest and easier ways to grow a mustache fast are these given bellows.

Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells:

Most people have dead skin cells on their face so the hairs cannot grow out when there are dead skin cells. To clear dead skin cells, you should be using some sort of exfoliating scrub at least two times a week. It will clear out all the dead skin cells and will increase the hair growth on your face.

  • You will have to make sure the quality of scrub you are using and will have to be careful.
  • You will have to determine your skin type for example it’s oily, dry or the combination of oily and dry skin.
  • Choose the specific exfoliation scrub according to your skin type whether it is oily or dry or combination of both.


Moisturization is extremely important for healthy skin, its recommended by the research that you should be using the moisturizer with the eucalyptus as an ingredient of it. This step will help your skin to heal and if there are any dry or rough patches it will become soft and you will feel that your skin is hydrated. it will result from more facial hair growth. Moisturization is one of the best ways to grow a mustache faster.

Usage of vitamins:

Most people do not have a good diet and have a low number of vitamins and minerals in their diet. You will have to make sure that you are having a good number of vitamins in your diet to ensure fast mustache growth. You must have biotin family vitamins B1, B6 and B12 to grow your mustache fast. Taking an adequate number of vitamins is one of the best ways to grow a mustache fast.

  • You will have to add food rich in vitamin B1, B6, and B12 to get a visible mustache.
  • If you can’t have rich vitamin foods in your diet you can use supplementation, you can use any vitamin supplement according to your type.
  • You can also simply use only biotin supplements to get thick mustache fast.
  • You can get the above-mentioned vitamins from foods like fruit, beans, meat, and dairy.

Trimming of the mustache:

If you are going to grow a thick beard you will have to make sure that you are trimming your mustache properly. Do not completely shave your mustache but trim your mustache sometimes, it will cause the hairs to grow from the point it was trimmed keeping the same thickness.

  • Clean or shave your facial hairs as you want if you want to grow only your mustache.
  • Let your mustache to grow for a while like for a couple of weeks without trimming.
  • Then trim your mustache with 1st clip guard, make sure you just trim the small ends off the hairs of your mustache.

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Proper protein intake:

Protein is an essential nutrient our body requires to grow. Protein is used by the human body not only to maintain or grow muscle mass but also hairs on the body. Mostly young age people like teenagers do not take a sufficient amount of protein, which causes a lack of hair growth. Increasing the amount of protein in daily food can increase the amount of facial hair. Hence, it is one of the great ways to grow a mustache faster.

  • Start eating protein-rich foods like eggs, lentils, meat, nuts, and beans.
  • You can choose vegetarian or non-vegetarian protein-rich food depending on your choice.
  • You can add a protein supplement to your diet, for example, Whey Protein or Plant Protein.

Massage and rest:

Massage your mustache area or where you want your hair to grow with some oil. A good quality beard and mustache oil are recommended. When you massage a certain point of your body, blood circulation over there increases. And causes the proper supply of vitamins and nutrients that you get from your diet to reach that certain place. It will result from the more hair growth and it’s how to get a thicker mustache fast. This process is very less time taking so considered one of the best ways to grow a mustache faster.

The rest is very important for the body. Our body heals and recovers when we take rest and sleep. It is highly recommended to get a sleep of 8 hours to grow a thick mustache fast. People especially teenagers do not take rest and enough sleep that causes less facial hair growth. Lack of sleep also causes damage to your skin and can ruin your chances to get a thicker mustache fast. So, make sure you get enough sleep and take proper rest.


Hormones play a very big role in hair growth of body specially testosterone. Testosterone is the no 1 male hormone responsible for muscle growth and hair growth. So many researches have shown that people with balanced or a bit high hormone or testosterone levels are more likely to have more facial hair growth. People with low hormone levels or hormone imbalance have fewer facial hairs so here is another one of the best ways to get a thick mustache fast or quickly. Here is how you can increase or maintain your hormone levels and get a thicker mustache soon.

  • The best way to maintain your hormone levels is to take a balanced diet. Eat more red meat, fishes, and fruits like pomegranate and banana.
  • Start working out, some light workout or weight training gives a boost to your hormone levels.
  • When we work out our body releases hormones in the body that gives a boost to testosterone.
  • Have good sleep. Do yoga or some other mind relaxing activities sometimes, because when your body is relaxed it releases hormones.
  • Take less amount of soya products as they increase estrogen and drop testosterone levels

So now you know how to grow a mustache faster? These are the steps or you can say the best ways to grow a thick mustache faster. Follow these steps and share your experience.

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