How to heal deep cracked heels? Cracked heels treatment

Cracked heels are a common problem in all the children and adults. According to a survey, there is 20 percent of adults found in united state that have this cracked heel problem. You will find this issue all over the world in children and adults. This cracked heel problem affects 50% of women more than men. This article is about fixing the cracked heels. You will see how to heal deep cracked heels. Give a read.

How to heal deep cracked heels

Cracked heels are also known as heel fissures. It is not a serious issue, but the deep heel cracked cause pain and discomfort. The dry skin is the main cause of heel cracks. Then the heels get hard and yellowish. Most often people do not like this because it gives an ugly appearance. But if it goes severe then it causes pain and itching sometimes. In case people see he redness getting out of control, soreness in the heel and severe pain then they should visit a doctor. see how to heal deep cracked heels.

How to heal deep cracked heels

Good remedies to fix the cracked heels

You know that heel cracks happen because of dry skin, so moisturizing the heel is the best option to avoid the cracks of the heels. You can use any moisturizing lotion or cream to heal the heel cracks. It keeps the moisture of the boy an avoid he heels to dry. If you apply this on cracked heel then it also fixes it too.

Before applying the moisturizer, rub the calluses with stone and then apply the lotion or cream. In mild cases, the application of moisturizer two to three times will be enough to heal the dry and cracked heels. Remember one thing, while using the stone, do not use the stone too harshly. Because it also causes the dryness and leads to crack the heels.

House treatments to heal the cracked heels

there are the treatments that will tell you how to heal deep cracked heels.

Apply the heel balm or thick moisture first.

The very first step to heal the cracked heel is applying a moisturizer or heel balm. The heel balms are special creams or lotions. Heel balm contains the ingredients that help to give moisture, softening and exfoliation to the skin. It fixes the dryness of the skin.

The ingredients may include some urea, salicylic acid (Kerasal), alpha-hydroxy acids (Amlactin), and saccharide isomerize.

  • Important tips:
  • Apply the heel balm twice in a day to fix the dry heels
  • Apply it in the morning before you start the day. This will help to increase the elasticity of the heels
  • Do not walk barefooted
  • Wear the shoes that cover your heels completely.

Note: when you will apply the balm it will cause a little irritation or itching. This is really not a problem. But if this balm continues to put you in trouble then definitely ask your doctor to give a better solution.

Soak your Feet and Exfoliate your Feet

how to heal deep cracked heels

You are aware of the skin type around the heels. It is often thicker and harder. So when you impose some pressure this skin split up and cracks occur. This method of soaking and exfoliating the skin helps to relief the thickness of the heels. See the tips on how to soak your feet

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  • Take some lukewarm water, add some soap or shampoo in it. And place your feet for 20minutes
  • Take the pumice stone or a foot scrubber to remove the dead extra skin of the heels
  • With any smooth towel tap your feet and dry them
  • After this, apply the heel balm to moisturize your feet
  • To retain the moisture you can apply some petroleum jelly. This will keep the moisture for long.

Important note: do not scrub your feet when they are dry. This increase the loss of moisture more. And will make your heels even drier and hard.

Put on some liquid bandages

Cracked heels get infection more willingly and cause more pain. To avoid this option, we will recommend you liquid bandages. This is the most effective option to retain the moisture after moisturizing the skin of heels. It seals the cracks and prevents the wound from getting an infection. This bandage remains tied to the wound and you can go with it all day.

Make it sure to clean the heels before applying the liquid bandages. It is safe to use and you can find it easily too.

Apply some Honey

You may have no idea about the properties of honey. But this is the best natural product which has antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics. This cures the cracked heels with its natural power. According to researches, one is the best source to cleanse the dry heel wound and moisturize the skin. It heals the heel fissures more readily. You can use the honey as a foot scrub and apply it overnight to heal the deep cracks

Apply the coconut oil

If you ask any doctor he will recommend you to apply the coconut oil on the cracked heels. It is better to apply after soaking your feet into the warm water. It has anti-inflammatory properties that heal the cracked heels even if they are bleeding.

Other effective ways and remedies to cure heel cracks

Here we are adding some other intranets which can be helpful in treating the cracks of the heel. Have a look

  • You can add vinegar in the warm water, for soaking the feet.
  • You can use olive oil as a moisturizer
  • Shea butter is also used as a moisturizer
  • Apply some mashed banana to cure the crack heels

How to avoid cracks of the heels

You must be careful in selecting the footwear. if your feet are more likely to crack up then choose the shoes that cover your heel completely. Do not impose too much pressure on the heels and keep moisturizing your skin. Make it your routine. For women, it is recommended to wear comfortable wide heels to cushion your heels.

This was about our today’s discussion, how to heal deep cracked heels. we hope you liked it. Give us reviews in the comment section.

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