How to socialize in parties? Ways to be social

Parties are very fun to go to but become a challenge sometimes. This is not the case for just shy people because sometimes it is a little awkward for social people too.

But hanging out is a healthy activity, it helps you in gaining confidence and interacting with people. So here are a few tips you can practice to get over your anxiety for socializing and gave a good time.


  • Make yourself look friendly by being in an approachable state. Some examples of it are to not be engaged in cell phone or arms-crossed.
  • Do not be afraid of rejection and introduce yourself to somebody. Do not over-think it and just keep it simple by telling your name.
  • After you have introduced yourself, it is easier to make a conversation. Ask really general questions to know each other a little bit. As questions like ‘Are you interested in music/ sports?’ These kinds of questions are easy for follow-up questions to keep the conversation going.
  • You can also look for things to have a connection with to start a conversation. For suppose, if someone is from your town/college or is wearing a shirt you like. You can just go and a conversation about it to break the ice.
  • Do not be stuck in one place the whole time. Try to move around from time to time like sit inside or go stand near the pool area.


  • It is easier to get social in a group. If you notice any group, hang back a little and then slowly contribute in the conversation. Do not go straight up and talking. Listen to the conversation and add on a little. For suppose ‘Last night’s match was awesome!’
  • You can also suggest playing some games like any card game or board game to keep it fun. Activities help you to be more talkative and comfortable to have a good time.
  • Once you have gotten into a group and see someone new, add them into the conversation too. Like ask them if they have a pet too etc.



  • It is easier to socialize if your friends are there too. So try to go to parties where you know a friend of yours will be at. Or bring your friends with you so you are comfortable there and enjoy yourself.
  • To feel at ease, hang around with your friends first and then go to some new people to talk to if you want.
  • You can also ask your friends to help you in interacting with new people. Like ask them to introduce you to someone.
  • Do not stay in your comfort zone and get a little social. Parties are a great source of meeting new people so try to make some new friends too. If it is hard, you can be in a group of your friends and new people.


  • If you feel pressure in meeting new people, try to find a technique to help you like a few deep breaths.
  • Do not feel helpless if an interaction of yours does not go well. It is not easy to succeed every time or especially in the beginning.
  • Many people have a kind of social anxiety. Do not worry because it is very easy to get over it. Take some help from your friends or talk to a therapist if it is serious for you.
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