Julie de Libran Presents her Eponymous Collection At Home During Paris Couture Week

When Julie de Libran’s works for Sonia Rykiel as an artistic director, that end up after five years. But Julie de Libran dont want o waste her time and starts a new project. Julie de Libran Presents her Eponymous Collection At Home During Paris Couture Week. Paris is the city where there are many creative directors having big jobs with patern and competition is very heigh. So Julie de Libran decide to launch her eponymous collection at home during Paris Couture Week. A small project of her own, like just few collection of beautiful party dresses. For the current moment in Paris, where the fashion industry presents its environmental impact, this looks a taunt or jeer very nicely.

Julie de Libran

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Julie de Libran way of work:

Julie de Libran designs her first dress at the age of 14, a very young age to design a dress but anyone is talented likeJulie de Libran can also do any thing in which he/she have interest. Julie de Libran design a black velvet dress with a boatneck also, having sleeves which are too tight and long. Also design a skirt for a dance performance in school. When Julie de Libran was telling all these things, she laughed and also said “It was the ’80s!”. Later on she continue working on it backrooms from screen. And then later Julie de Libran got specialized in design the dresses for red carpet. likewise there is no end of success , she continuously struggle and make a place in fashion industry.

Julie de Libran said to the press that, she committed herself by making made-to-order model, use the stuff of mills of Italy and Switzerland by useing specific dead stocks for samples or paterns. Her idea is to make special dresses at heigh quality, highest manufacturing, lowest waste with the use of exquisite fabric that normally we don’t use them or waste them. Julie de Libran also said that not only as a designer i work on this pattern but also i am very creative in my daily life and as a mother too. this trick is very impressive in this fast moving world.

Julie de Libran’s collection of haute couture week of Paris

So ruffles and sparkle, both of which were also on display in the couture collection de Libran that is help created in the glory of Sonia Rykiel’s 50th anniversary last July. Julie de Libran legally disclose her collection of twenty dresses in the haute couture week of Paris on June 30. For now there is no image of the sidelines of Paris haute couture week has been published, Only on instagram just few of her sketches are posted. We have no more information except that her collection is based on the production of “timeless style and craftsmanship.

This month, Julie de Libran attend Paris Couture Week schedule with her new collection.  She thoughts, that sense of closeness proceed towards the success. Julie de Libran’s set up a small studio to meet clients and work, and where she go daily on bicycle. Julie de Libran have request to ready wedding dresses, wedding gowns, and party dresses as well. She tells us that, in this spring in Los Angeles she took her first four event dress ofcelebrity stylists.

Is Julie de Libran having magic ingredients?

Is Julie de Libran having magic ingredients? frankly we can say yes. Julie de Libran is not a costume or something that type designer. She is woman who design from a very common thing, she not creat a design, but the design are in her mind. Her expressions sparks in her collection, in which the element of surprise remain. She make the voluminous sculptural sleeves of her Gilda dress—made from airy layers of organza stitched in black wool with silver sequins and fringes of antique gold—or the sheer black georgette poncho tossed over the shoulders of a silvery white, gold, and black sequined tulle negligee called Charly.

Julie de Libran said that every piece of clothes or every part of a dress is just like a piece of music, like music a designer dress also have a special tone in which it was design, In the right dress, you’ll be remembered.” Get more information about fashion and style visit voguebabe.com

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