Easy nail art designs for beginners

Do you spend hours and hours in just browsing trendy nail art designs but could not get the print o your hands? Do not panic yourself, because we are here with the trendy and Easy nail art designs for beginners. If you have a passion to learn and potential for the creativity then you are at the right place. We are here to guide you Easy nail art designs for beginners. It is often said that if you want to evaluate the beauty of women go and look at her hands and feet. Because these body parts reflect the beauty of a lady the most. And on hands, the most attractive feature is of nails. If you are bored with your typical nude and glittery nail colors then add some salt and spice by spreading different colors on different patterns. For me, I consider the nails as an extension. Like whatever you put on nails add something to it. Read on the article and you will find something charming and interesting to adore. Décor your nails without beginner nail art designs and have fun.

Easy nail art designs for beginnersSimple and Easy nail art designs for beginners and passionate

I know you are looking for some trendy but easy nail designs and patterns that you can try at your home. If you agree then go by the article, I am sure this read will be your stepping stone and you will enjoy it. We will try to explain as much as we can. So be patient and let us begin the journey.

Splashy nails

Materials you need:

  • Plain white nail color
  • Toothbrush or paintbrush
  • Transparent nail paint
  • Your favorite shades of nail color

Easy nail art designs for beginners


Simply put the plain white color nail paint on your nails and then pick up the paintbrush or toothbrush. Dip the brush in the nail color which is colored. And then brittle the droplets over the splash. Let it dry. Once it gets dry then coat it with the transparent nail paint. It will complete the look and you are done.

Add some flowers to your nails

Here is the floral nail art design

Materials required

  • White nail base color
  • Two flower colors nail paints. Usually ark and in contrast with the base color
  • Nail art brush with the thin tip
  • Transparent nail paint

Easy nail art designs for beginners


Apply the plain white colored base nail paint. Pick up the nail art brush and dip it into the colored nail paints and draw the floral patterns on your nails. And then let it dry. After drying the floral pattern coat it with the transparent ail paint.

Flame nail design

Material required

  • Base color- white nail paint
  • Colored nail paint
  • Nail art stripes
  • Black nail paint


Get these amazing patter on your nails In just a few simple steps which are as follow:

For the base color apply the white nail paint on your nails. Once the base color dries up the paste the nail art strips in a diagonal way and applies the yellow-colored nail paint. Add another strip straight from the center and then apply the colored nail paint (preferably orange) on one side. Then again diagonally use the nail art strips at the base and apply the black nail color. Your flame nail design is ready to explode.

Gradient nail art design

Materials required for gradient touch

  • A nude color o very light share. It may be of the peach family.
  • A light pink nail color
  • A plastic sheet
  • Some toothpicks
  • A sponge in a rectangular shape
  • Some pieces of cotton
  • Nail paint remover
  • And yes transparent nail paint

Easy nail art designs for beginners


Apply the nude peach color nail paint on your nails as a base color. Then place the plastic sheet and put some drops of peach and pink nail paint, side by side, near each other. Make it sure that the plastic is free of dust. Blend the colors (peach and pick) using a toothpick. Dab the sponge on the mixed colors and then put the same sponge on your nails. To clear up the side area of the nails using the cotton piece dipped in the nail remover. At the last to finish the look, coat the nail with the transparent nail paint.

Stripped nail art

Material needed for stripped nail art design

  • Two shades of nail paint, that are in contrast as black and white, pink and purple, and orange and yellow.
  • Have a nail art scotch tape
  • Transparent nail paint

Gray striped nail design.


Apply the base color, like black. Add double coats of base color on the nails. When it gets dry then place the nail art tape in the horizontal position on the nails. You can place them diagonal too, it is your wish. But make it sure that there is no space for air left behind. Apply the second nail color on the parts which are not covered by the scotch tape. When the nail paint dries completely then pull off the nail art scotch tape smoothly. At the end protect your nail with the seal of clear nail paint.

Galaxy in hands.

Well, I am so obsessed with these nail patterns of the galaxy an stars

Material required for the galaxy nail paint

  • The base color of black nail polish
  • Metallic nail paints of different colors
  • A white nail paint
  • Some toothpicks
  • A sponge (preferably rectangular)
  • Glittered nail paint for the final coating.

Easy nail art designs for beginners


Add two to three coats of black nail paint as the base color and then leave it at rest to dry up. Now put some metallic green colored nail paint on the base color. Dab this metallic color immediately using the rectangular sponge. Then repeat the same steps using different metallic colors. While doing so, do not use the same sponge for all the colors. Use a different sponge for different colors. Then allow it to dry. In the last moments, pick up the toothpick and dip it in the white nail paint. Imprint different dots of various sizes on the nails. Your galaxy design is near to finish. But for the perfect look coat the nails with the glittery nail paint in the end. Your galaxy is ready to visit.

These were some basic but adorable nail art designs. We hope that you like this short nail art designs tip article. For more interesting content visit our site. There is much more to inspire you. Have a great time and thank you for your time.

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