Natural Cancer Treatments that Work

This article is for people who are suffering from cancer. No doubt cancer is a serious disease so it is important to know that cancer spread with the cells of cancer which leads to weakening of our immune system, also it helps to grow the number of toxic particles in patient’s body. It is proven from research that there are hundreds of powerful known drugs and home remedies for cancer treatment that can be helpful as well. These are Natural Cancer Treatments that Work

Natural Cancer Treatments that Work

Here are some simple home remedies and procedures that surely can bring a miracle in the treatment of cancer.

1. Baking Soda

Research proves that cancer cells cannot grow in an alkaline environment. So that for this purpose ready a drink, for this drink include one teaspoon of baking soda and juice from one lemon, 250 milliliters of water, and take it several time a day. This will defiantly reduce acidity from the body.

2. Sanguinaria Canadensis

This is a perennial herb that contains the alkaloid called Sanguinarian. This herb destroys the cancer cell but doesn’t hurt healthy cells. we used this herb externally or internally as well for our skin and other cancers.

3. Chagas

This is a medical fungus, biochemist researchers did research on this herb for years, and prove that it has the capacity to modulate the immune system and has anti-cancer properties.

4. Vitamin D

In a study from 2006, it is noted that the small amounts of vitamin D are associated with a reduced survival rate of cancer patients, especially in patients who are in the postmenopausal period. Monitoring the quantity of vitamin D in the blood and its balance can help prevent cancer and help fight the disease. So if you see any signs of breast cancer, then try this.

5. Cannabis oil

Cannabinoids that are found in cannabis oil, it removes cancerous cells in the body. Same like other herbal recipes it removes cancer cells from the body but does not kill healthy cells. There is a lot of research in this regard that has proved the importance of cannabis oil that it is very helpful in the treatment of cancers as well as breast cancer in women. according to a research 85% of patients cure from this treatment.

6. Tea potion of Essiac

This an old Indian native recipe who have used this recipe for hundred of years. and a Canadian nurse learned this tea recipe from them and told this recipe to the cancer-fighting patients who used this to cure cancer and found incredible progress in this regard. This tea recipe is a mixture of several anticancer plants and herbs it cleans the body and cells that became the cause of cancer and it is really needed for those patients who are suffering from cancer.  So a cancer patient needs to drink this several times a day.

7. Broccoli kept sucker-less

It a vegetable that is enriched with nutrients that helps in the treatment of cancer. Broccoli has 100 times extra protein than of any vegetable. It contains sulfurous which not only kills cancer cells in the body but also lower the growth speed of cancer cells. Furthermore controls the spread speed in the body and it works the same in all types of cancer.

8. Linseed oil and young cheese

Dr. Johanna Bud-wig, a German Biochemist an also a women doctor. She is serving for many years. Her way of treatment is with natural ingredients. She cures 90% of her patients by his natural way of treatment that she is applying for her patients from the last fifty years. The procedure is to combine young cheese and oil. This mixture gives compulsory fatty acids as well as lip-pro protein to the body. By applying this mixture on the skin she balances the number of organisms also reduces the tumor in the body.

9. Iodine

Iodine increased quantity production of estrogen in the body, and Majority of the people of the world,  like 85% population have the deficiency of iodine in their body. 1st of all it is important that you have to checkup every six months. Most of us have a deficiency of iodine in them. check it, if the body lacks it, must eat things to maintain its balance. Because deficiency of iodine in the blood leads to not creating a mutation of cells also there is a lot of chance of creating a tumor.

10. Melatonin

Research of years on Melatonin has shown that Melatonin makes the cancer cell sleep, stop them growing and minimize their number in the body. Melatonin is a powerful inhibitor of the creation of cancer cells. In our daily routine life, melatonin stops the harmful effect of estrogen that we get from fish, flash, seafood, and milk.

Please forward this information to that one who is fighting from this disease or having early warning signs of breast cancer. Maybe you might save someone’s life because this article is the only hope for survival…..!

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