Natural Remedies for Insomnia and Anxiety

You face sleeping problems when you have difficulty in sleeping at night. You may have trouble in sleeping, or might be you wake up many times in a night . That is very unhealthy in this article i will tell you how to solve sleeping problems naturally. If you find difficulty in sleeping then it might affect your physical and mental health. Less sleep may also the reason that you have frequent headaches or difficulty in concentrating. These are some Natural Remedies for Insomnia and Anxiety.

60% of people face sleeping problems at some point in their lives. According to the research of Us Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  almost 30% percent of United States adults get their sleeping time six hours or less every night. Some people may feel fresh after only six or seven hours of sleep. However, most of them need eight hours of sleep to get fresh.

Signs of sleeping problems:

There are many signs sleeping problems, like no focus on work during day time, headache remains most of the time, fatigue at day time, irritability, waking up too early, waking up during the night, or may be taking several hours to fall asleep. Some people also experience low energy during day time and also have dark circles under the eyes.

Causes sleeping problems:

There are many possible reasons behind your sleeping problems for sleeplessness. there may be your lifestyle choices and medical conditions also count. Some of the causes are small and can be improved with self-care, while others may ask you to get proper medical attention.

Causes of sleeping problems may attack with age, too much stimulation before bedtime like watching television, exercising and playing video games. Also consuming too much caffeine, disturbance of noise, may be an uneasy bedroom, or a feeling of excitement.

There are many other reasons also behind sleeping problems for example insufficient exposure to sunlight, going to many times for urine, body pain, jet lag, and some prescription medications. That may also lead to sleeping problems.

Work depression, stress, and worries also became the reason for sleeping problems. These issues may be related to sleeping disorders like tiredness, insomnia and sleep apnea.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia and Anxiety:

1. Shoulder pain:

In the morning, if you wake up with a pain in the shoulder, then 1st step is you avoid sleeping on your sides, especially on the painful shoulder. And also not to It is also not to sleep on your stomach because it causes misalignment of the shoulders. In this situation, the best sleeping style is to lay on your back. Put a thin and soft pillow under your head you can use an orthopedic pillow that will work best for you. After that, you take another pillow, place it on your belly, and hug it. Keep in mind that your shoulders will be in a stable and correct position. If you don’t want to sleep on your back, you can lying on the side that is not painful. Put your legs towards the chest side, and put a pillow between knees. Don’t put your hand under your head because it can cause shoulder pain.


solve sleeping problems

2. Back pain:

Back pain is such a pain. You must have to keep normal curves because of the spine. Soft mattress is unhealthy if you have this then urgently get rid of this. The best position during sleep, in back pain, is to lay straight. It is good to have a pillow under the knees, it reduced the tension of tendons also it restores the natural position or spinal curve.
It is good to have something soft under your back like a rolled towel to support your back. If you have a habit to put a pillow under the abdomen and also pelvis, because of this a part of your back doesn’t move and stay.
And if you have a habit of sleeping on one side, then the fetal position is best. Gently up your legs towards chest, and keep back arched naturally and moving it ahead. During this put a pillow between legs. It will help in the lower pain back.

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sleeping problems solution naturally

2. Neck pain:

Same as back pain, your neck needs to be supported while you sleep. Some people having a habit of putting a pillow under the head and under each arm, Research shows that it is the best to the position. People having neck problems should be very careful while choosing your pillow. If you feel easy to lay on your side, then it is important the pillow is not much heigh not more than thicker 6 inches. It is advisable that the height of your pillow should match the width of one shoulder to help keep your neck in the correct position. If you’re a stomach sleeper, then you must use a very thin pillow. It is good not to sleep all the time in a position at night with your head turned to one side that will strain your neck.

sleeping problems solution naturally

3. Can’t fall asleep:

Before going to bed, It can be tough to stop using phones and computers but you should. It literally helps if you have difficulty in falling asleep. The light of the mobile or laptop screen affects your sleep. Avoid the use of caffeine, energy drinks, black tea, coffee and chocolates after evening because they can become the cause of your sleeplessness. We should do exercise in the morning or afternoon. This will helps to manage your whole body, improve your blood circulation system, and also helps you to fall asleep much faster.

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solution of sleeping problems naturally

4. Can’t fall asleep:

If you wake up most of the time at night or even 2 or 3 times. After an evening or after 8’o’clock you should stop using a mobile, laptop, watching t.v and also avoid alcohol or any type of this. Because alcohol disturbs the water balance in our body and affects your sleeping timing as well as health. Moreover, room temperature can also disturb your sleep you must check it before going to sleep. The ideal sleeping temperature is 20-22°С.

solution of sleeping problems naturally

5. Difficult to wake up:

Everyone seems to suffer from this problem, mostly our adults have this issue. But, oddly enough, it is very easy to solve this sleeping problem. Set your alarm at a fixed time every day also on the weekends. If you want to wake up early or on time, you just need to go to sleep early in the evening and get up on your fix time. Change the routine of getting up every day makes you tired and affect badly on your health.

sleeping problems solutions naturally

6. Snoring problem:

 If you have a snoring problem, the best solution is to avoid sleeping on your back. sleeping on your back can cause tissues sag of your throat and your tongue goes in the airway, which is on the backside of your neck. To get rid of this choose your pillow very carefully. Soft or thin pillows can cause your head to tilt backward and can increase snoring. Always use the pillow equal to the height of your shoulder, if you have a thin pillow use an extra pillow or put something under the head of your bed to get a few inches heigh then foot side to stop your tongue from falling back over your narrow airway. Take sides while sleep. Put your head and hands as you feel easy with them. Do exercises that are specially for snoring or as per doctor recommend. Because by making your muscles stronger you can get rid of snoring.

snoring problem solution

7. Leg cramp:

Leg cramps are also one of the sleeping problems. Usually tightening of muscles in the calf, feet or thighs and sudden spams became its reasons. Most of the people having this issue regardless of age. Legs cramps at night are most often can be related to some disease, deficiency of something,  maybe damage of nerve damage. If you go through this problem too most of the time then don’t waste time, talk to your doctor. Also by stretching and strengthen the muscles of the calf, you can stop leg cramp. Yoga and massage also can help in leg cramps. But one thing keeps in mind that does exercise daily if you want to get rid soon from it.

leg cramp sleeping problem solution

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8. Other problems:

Sleep disorders or sleeping problems can be caused by many factors,  fatigue and also uncomfortable shoes can create problems with the digestive or nervous system that leads to your sleeping problems as well. Only a doctor can determine the cause of the problem and advise on the treatment. If you have a problem with frequent heartburn then it is a good idea for you to lie on your left side. Because laying on the left-side prevents stomach stuff from coming back towards the esophagus, that preventing heartburn. And if you feel aching in your legs at night, put a cousin or pillow or anything with that you can keep your legs up in your sleeping time. When blood gathers together in your legs and moves circulatory downward and circulatory then you feel better and find a great change. Also, try to massage or lightly rubbing your legs when you get tired for the night, and not use caffeine or such things like that at least 6 hours before bedtime.

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