Natural skin care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most awaited period of one woman’s life. You cannot estimate the joy, the pleasure and the happiness of this time. This is the dream of every woman. But sometimes the difficulty of pregnancy breaks you down. But make it sure that you keep yourself pampered, satisfied and calm. Other than the joy and feel, the pregnancy comes up with many hormonal changes as well. These changes directly impact the appearance of ladies. You know, as you are, every woman is concerned about natural skin care during pregnancy this is important too. Because your pregnancy comes and goes but if you do not keep great care of yourself it will print the marks on your skin. And these marks may disturb you later.

Natural skin care routine during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings the hormonal changes which ultimately cause pigmentation loss, itching, marks on the skin, breakdown of skin and many more. These are some temporary changes but this can disturb a lady. So it is always better to take prevention steps instead of going to cure after that.

Natural skin care during pregnancy

Fortunately, skin care during pregnancy is not a hard task to perform. This is easy to go with the pregnancy. Welcome these Natural skin care during pregnancy and add the glow to your whole period. These will keep you comfortable confident and radiant throughout the whole term. Ou will feel light if out will stay cool and beautiful. See Natural skin care during pregnancy, as given below.

For Itching on the skin

Well, this is the most complaining fact of pregnancy. Women do not like when they feel hard itching during pregnancy. This happens because the blood supply increases in the abdominal side. When you scratch the belly or abdomen you get stretched marks. Hat stick there permanently. To avoid this many women uses chemical products which are not advisable.

So then comes up the question of what to use in this situation, because itching is definite. In this period try to use some natural ingredients like aloe Vera gel, some amount almond oil, and some coconut oil. This will reduce the itching effect and smoothens the skin. Other than this, these natural products will supply and soften the skin. These provide nourishment to the skin too and keep your skin hydrated.

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But you are aware that natural ingredients take a longer time to give the desired results. So for a temporary purpose, you can use other lotions like calamine lotion. Or in the rest case, you can simply place the pieces of cucumber to give the cooling effect.

Stretch Marks Avoidance tips

Natural skin care during pregnancy

As we told above, during the pregnancy period women develop the stretch marks. Stretch marks come up because of itching and irritation which they feel. Mostly women get these on belly area and breast because of the flow of blood increases in these areas, during pregnancy. But if you use proper Natural skin care during pregnancy, you can minimize the effects of these stretch marks. Not just effect but you can lighten up their permanence too

In this regard, coconut oil is just magic. Well, women have this coconut oil a great blessing. It gives moisture, it keeps the body hydrated. And during pregnancy, it helps to minimize the stretch marks’ permanence. Well, you can have the option of topical creams. You can apply them on high-risk areas like stomach. But during the pregnancy, I will highly recommend you to use natural oils as moisturizers. You can apply coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil too.

In addition to all this, you can apply turmeric mixed with the curd to reduce and remove the stretch marks. It will help to clear the complexion too.

For Dry and Chapped skin

Natural skin care during pregnancyUnfortunately pregnancy period emphasis differently to different women. It is true that I bring glow but for some, it is not as healthy and glowing. There are women who face the skin break down, dryness, hair fall, cracked lips, and dull skin. Even so, you do not need to worry about it. Merely go to the kitchen and get some healthy and natural potent remedies for making your skin glowing and healthy.

Get some milk cream, some coconut oil, and a little amount of wheat germ oil. Mix it gently to make a nourishing and healthy mixture. Or you can use them separately too. Wheat germ oil is beneficial to prevent your nipples from getting rough and dry.

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Dull pigmented skin and dark circles

Pregnancy brings many changes in the body. The major change occurs in the hormones which ultimately affects the appearance. Use o hormonal changes women’s skin get pigmentation over cheeks, foreheads, and neck, etc. even sometimes the armpits get pigmented. This condition is known as chloasma. These pigments can get intense if not handles properly. So to avoid such an issue apply some lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice. This will lighten up the pigments.

Apart from this, you can use the honey oat mask too, followed by a face pack. The ingredients which you can use to make face pack are, turmeric and raw milk. This will reduce pigmentation. Turmeric, particularly, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which means you can use it for treating acne-prone skin as well.

Deal with your stress, Stay Calm, Stay Relaxed, and Be Happy

The pregnancy period takes the women to stress conditions but if you want to avoid this fear then consider a few things. Eat healthily and stay strong. Keep your skin care routine going on otherwise you will lose your glow. The journey of bringing a little newborn baby to this world is wonderous. You do not know how happy it feels when you hold the baby in your arms for the first time. You will forget the pain you had once. Just stick to the healthy routine during pregnancy. These small changes will help you to get through this period comfortably.

Besides Natural skin care during pregnancy, mention above, it is mandatory to keep yourself hydrated all the time.

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