How to overcome the fear of failure – a simple guide

So many people around the globe experience failure and everyone deals it in a defferent way. Some people let the fear to possess their mind and do not step forward, but some of them overcome the failure and learn from it. Almost every person in this world face failure at least once in life or even more times, if there is someone who did not experience failure is the person who hasn’t lived the life and have everything. There is no hard and fast rule to overcome the fear of failure. Everyone should resist fear to possess you and find ways of how to overcome the fear of failure. Otherwise, you will miss great opportunities in life.

how to overcome the fear of failure

Fear of falling or fear of failure can prevent us from the progress and success in life, it can make us do nothing which can prevent us from moving forward. When we let the fear to possess our mind, we are likely to ruin upcoming opportunities and wealth. If you are the one who is worried about something and feel depressed about your fear of failure then here is how to overcome the fear of failure.

What is failure and how to overcome the fear of failure?

Some people don’t even know what fear actually is. So, first in order to deal with failure or get to know how to overcome the fear of failure you must have to know what is the failure actually. Everyone has their own definition of failure because every single person has their own values, issues, and beliefs.

Failure to a person could be possibly a great learning example for someone else and even a great way to learn things more deeply for himself as well. It’s all up to you how you look at failure and deal it, which is the best thing of depends on you that you choose to look at failure as you have nothing left now and it’s just dead or as a proof that you are so inadequate. Or you look at failure as a great opportunity to experience and learn which it is actually.

Whenever you fail somewhere you should look for the lesson you get from failure and should try to overcome your failure or overcome the fear of failure. These lessons you learn are very important. Try to avoid your mistake and perform even better than before by learning from these lessons. Failure can only possess our braid and body and our goals only if we let it to. There are so many big names who faced or suffered from tragic failures.

Great examples:

There are so many people who faced failure and also fear of failure but they do not stop, keep on going and overcome the fear of failure and create history. Some of the big and well-known names are given below who knows how to overcome the fear of failure and deal this.

  • Warren Buffet, who is a great and one of the richest businessmen of the world, was rejected by Harvard University.
  • J.K Rowling, Author of Harry Potter, Her novel was rejected by many publishers and then it became the top-selling novel.
  • Bill Gates, who launched the Microsoft company was a dropout of Harvard University.
  • Michael Jordan, A great basketball player of all time, he was cut from his high school basketball team.

There are many more like them who learned lessons from there failure. They didn’t stop at a certain point and keep on trying. Imagine if J>K Rowling stopped making efforts for her great novel “Harry Potter” and felt desperate and did nothing for it, she may not become one of the greatest authors of history.

All of the above-mentioned personalities didn’t give up and they learned from their failure. They learned how to overcome the fear of failure. Failure can teach a lot more things to you. It can make you discover how strong the personality you are. it can also help you to find out who is your true friend and care about you somehow. Mostly valuable insight appears after the failure and if you learn from these insights you will have the key to success.

Reason of fear of failure:

There could be so many reasons for fear of failure. As for some people having an unsupportive and extraordinary strict parent. They keep those bad feelings, even in their adult ages, Because their parents humiliated them quite often. For example.

  • You may fail in your class and you quit the study thinking that you can’t study at all.
  • Presented presentation in a group of people and you have done poorly. So, you never tried to make a better presentation.
  • You didn’t pass an interview for a job and didn’t apply for another job. This is because of the fear of rejection again.

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Experiences of fear of failure:

Every one experience fear of failure in different or common ways, some of them is these.

  • Procrastination, anxiety, or a failure of not reaching your goal.
  • Low confidence or self-esteem. For example, thinking that “I’ll never be good enough to get selected”.
  • Will of trying to do only those things that you know you can easily do.

Overcoming the fear of failure:

You should realize that whatever you are going to do you could fail or succeed. If you fail, it’s very courageous to face it. Some of the precautions to not get afraid of failure are these.

  • Analyze all potential outcomes and remove your fear by considering those outcomes.
  • Think positively, it’s a great way to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Keep in mind the worst-case scenario, maybe at the end, you may get the benefit of this.

No in order to overcome the fear of failure you can follow given rules or advice given below.

  • Set a goal and visualize and imagine after reaching your goal how your life would be. It will keep motivation.
  • Start with small goals to achieve one by one. It will become your habit and you will achieve your main goal.
  • Whatever someone says or embrace you, do not quit and keep ongoing.
  • Always find out your mistakes and correct them instead of complaining and feeling afraid of fall.

how to overcome the fear of failure

That’s all how to overcome the fear of failure. If you have ever failed and felt desperate, learn from your failure and try to try again till you succeed.

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