Shirt and pants color combinations – A perfect guide

Deciding the clothes in a daily routine is difficult for everyone. Everyone’s confused about that. No one can decide their clothes for daily routine. If it is difficult for you also, you do not need to worry about that. Because you all are the same in deciding the clothes. Mostly the people cannot decide the difference between contrast and color combination.  And in the end, you take an idea from your wife or mom or anyone else for your clothes or color combination. You can’t take an idea daily. See the basic shirt and pants color combinations.

shirt and pants color combinations

Shirt and Pants color combinations

we here get the best color combination and tips for you, so that you could be happy in a daily routine.

Always go for a perfect contrast. They must have a balanced between the light and dark combination. If you are choosing a light shirt, then you must have chosen a dark color of pants. There are many light colors like white, grey, sky blue, baby pink, light purple, etc. with these you can wear a dark color of pants like black, dark blue-purple, etc. you can also do wear a white shirt with black pant in a color combination. If you are wearing a matching dress, you can wear a light purple shirt with dark purple pants.

shirt and pants color combinations

Color Combinations and contrast according to today’s fashion

Nowadays, color combination is very inn in this world. Everyone wants to look best from each other. But most of the people haven’t any idea of wearing clothes in the parties, functions, and some other events.

Even some people don’t know which color is suitable according to their face tone and skin color. Some people wear costly dresses but haven’t any idea about the color combination or contrasts of the colors.

Contrast is key. Light top, dark bottom, light shoes. Dark top, light bottom, dark shoes.

We’re discussing color, not illustration accuracy or level of formality. This visual guide contains symbols representing tops, bottoms, and shoes. These are not necessarily representative of any specific type of shirt, pair of pants, or shoes.

shirt and pants color combinations

In the years ago, no one was interested to wear clothes with color combinations. But in the present, it becomes a competition everywhere.

If we talk about the winter season, we can wear a dark color of shirts with a light color of pants. You can wear a yellow shirt with brown pant, black shirt with white pant, and the combination of black and white is the best. Mostly people like to wear a black and white, black and skin, white and dark blue combination.

It’s time to change your dressing combinations. So that you looked good and beautiful.

shirt and pants color combinations

Best ideas

  • In this season, you can wear a red shirt with white or black pants. Or a red shirt with sky blue pants. It looks very good and attractive. And nowadays, mostly boys like to wear red color with different combinations.

shirt and pants color combinations

  • Dark blue shirt with light blue pant is a formal dressing color for men’s. Enhance your look by wearing a beige formal shirt with grey pants.
  • Combination of grey and brown is also good. You can also wear a dark grey shirt with white pants or a white shirt with grey pant to make some killer combinations.

shirt and pants color combinations

  • You can also wear a dark pink shirt with a light brown pant or with chocolate color pant.

shirt and pants color combinations

  • In a winter season, mostly the dark shirts are wearied with the light pants.
  • Dark Shirts like Maroon, Purple, Dark Blue, and Black. With these shirts, you can wear Light Tones like Beige, Blue, Cream, Khaki, and Gray, etc.
  • Navy blue shirt with gray trousers, dark blue color shirt goes with gray pants, the great contrast of colors. Men in blue love this pant shirt color combination.

shirt and pants color combinations

  • Maroon formal shirt with beige pant, Cream or khaki it also pairs well with dark shades like Maroon.

shirt and pants color combinations

  • If we talk about the summer season, mostly the light colors are to be wearied.  So you can wear a light color of shirts with a dark color of pants.
  • In the summer season, you can wear a light blue shirt with dark brown pants.  You can also wear a light pink shirt with a dark pink or dark blue shirt. Wearing the dark pink with the combination of black is also look perfect for men’s.
  • To avoid the same color formal shirt pant, you can wear a color combination or color contrasts of pant shirt. A combination of yellow bright color with white pants or dark blue pant looks very precious and hot.

shirt and pants color combinations

  • In the summer season, you can do a combination of the light purple shirt with the magenta color of pants. You can wear a green or parrot color of shirt with an orange trouser or orange pant. Or you can also wear a yellow color of shirt with red pants

shirt and pants color combinations


There was a time when men and women have wearied a different color of combinations. Mostly men’s was liked to wear colors like brown, grey and black. But nowadays, there is no difference in the combination of colors for men’s and women’s. Because now mostly men’s are also like to wear bright colors and even they are wearing.

This was all about shirts and pants color combination. I hope that you like it. And for more information like about beauty and other tips that you need, you can visit our website. This content will help you to decide the color combination in the daily routine. The tips that I gave you through this content would be very helpful for you.

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