10 Signs a man is falling in love with you

Since our childhood, the love stories of Heer and Ranjha, Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde, Paris and Helena, Orpheus and Eurydice, and Napoleon and Josephine are famous. Everyone is so inspired and obsessed with all these stories. In today’s world, it is really hard to find out sincerity among the relationships but the signs a man is falling in love can answer us about a man’s sincerity.

Friendship or relationship is not considered an era of true love but the life in. If I share my opinions, I have all my trust in true love and I believe many of you are of the same opinion.Although it is hard to find the honest lover still, everyone (every girl and boy) struggles to find a partner who loves her or him with all heart and soul.

Relationship is love or not?

It is common to think of a potential relationship. For many girls signs, a man is falling in love with her, are often clear but because of sick realities, they feared to accept it. They might think that the guy is playing games or just trying to win a bet or the feeling which he expresses is merely a prank or hack.


signs a man is falling in love

If seeks scientifically, then the feeling of love is different for different couples and people. Many people enjoy the taste of strong relationship and experience the feeling of love but sometimes the unfortunate people remain unexperienced of this our feeling. Being in love simply means that your intentions are out of lust. There is a big and clear difference between love and lust and every men and woman should have an idea about it.

Today, we are concerned with the signs a man is falling in love. The way a man falls in love is quite different from the way when a female falls in love. So what are the signs a man is falling in love with you? Here are different symptoms which makes you realize either he is just making up on you or really loves you indeed. Stays up with us and have a look.

What are the signs a man is falling in love?

So here are the tricks which can help you to figure out is he really loves you or not.

signs a man is falling in love

1.   He always tries to fix up the relationship instead of screwing it.

When a guy really loves you he fears to lose you. Then he takes you at the top of priority and goes out of his way not to screw this relationship. He gives his best to hold up and fix the flaws. He might leave all the other women, he was in contact with. Talks to you honestly and stop lying with you. He starts to give you the right advice which are suitable for you and which are not.

signs a man is falling in love

2.   He gives Honest Compliments

It is often observed that when a guy falls in love with you he stop lying, stop praising and stop making fake compliments. When he finds you precious he gives you real and true complements to groom you up and to guide you in the right way. This shows his care towards you and his pure concerns about you.

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3.   He tries to stabilize contact with you.

So when a man realizes that he is in love with you? Out of 100%, about 95% of men realize that they are falling for you when you do not say around them. They get to know about it in the loneliness. So when a man tries to contact you first in any situation that simply means he has pure intentions towards you and he wants you as his partner. If you feel like you are always the one to contact first then wait for a while and watch it out

signs a man is falling in love

4.   He wants you to meet his family

If a man really wants you to be a part of his life then he will definitely take you to introduce with his family. If he does not take you to his home to meet his family member then tries to make you a call from his mother or anyone from his home. This is really a picky sign a man is falling in love with you. He starts stabilizing a connection between you and your family. In a long term relationship how you get in his family is worth considering.


signs a man is falling in love

5.   He tries to spend most of his free time with you.

If he really feels some positivity towards you then you will not have to grab his attention anymore. He will spend most of his time with you and you will not have to ask for it.

signs a man is falling in love

6.   He shows up concern

If you are in a problem he will definitely try to resolve your issue if he damn cares about you. The showing of concerns is the positive sign that he has some feelings of love for you. That is why he makes himself willing for you and invests his time and intentions for you.

signs a man is falling in love

7.   He looks at you like having a paradise around him

Ahh! At this moment I must quote the phrase “eyes speak what tongue fails to say”. The way he looks at you defines the love and emotions he has for you. He has only eyes for you and does not give his attention to other women. He only wants to date you and keeps the relationship up to exclusivity.

signs a man is falling in love8.   He talks about the future he wants with you.

A guy who is consistent and loyal with you will not hesitate to talk about the future he wants with you.

9.   He shares the family matters

A man who considers you a part of your family shares the important matters of his family with you. If he really wants to take you into his family, he starts sharing the tits and bits of personal matters. He considers you a member of the family.

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10. He keeps smiling all the way with you

Did you notice this fact? When your real man walks with you or spends time with you in any way he keeps smiling all the time. The smile on his face exhibits the purity of relationship, it explains the comfort he finds with you. And all of above it is the indicator that he is really drawn towards you. The smile is all the way a reflection of heart and emotions flowing in it.


In the end, I would like to add do not just overthink above the signs a man is falling in love, which are presented here. Build up the trust, give your relationship enough time and try to take steps altogether. It happens sometimes that the man is showing the signs but you are busy looking forward to some big gestures and ends up in disappointment. So do not do this.  If he is shy and you know this fact, you consider him worthy then again give some time or ask him anyway

signs a man is falling in love

A question is getting very common that do guys fall in love easily? So the answer to this question is just No, they do not fall in love easily. But, once they fell in love they make it worth seeing. If you feel that someone has true feelings for you or for someone else then help them to spot this.

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