How to straighten hair without heat

People want straight hairs but without putting them to heat damage. Heat damage is caused by many methods that people use to straight up the waves or curls. Here are the methods that you can use to straighten your hairs without damaging them with heat. You can have many choices in this regard. Today’s content is all about how to straighten hair without heat.


How to straighten hair without heat

How to straighten hair without heat

Changing the wavy hairs to straight by using chemicals, dryers, and flat irons just damage and affect the hairs. But you can get over it by changing your hair care routine, and using some professional hair. Other than this some techniques to straight the hair overnight.

Changing your Hair Routine

Changing your hair care routine means to change the products you are using for your daily purposes. Give a read below.

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Use a straightening shampoo along with the straightening conditioner

The process of straightening the hair starts from daily routine care. If you found that you are not using straightening shampoo and conditioner that is meant to weigh down the curls then switch to those products. Start using the straightening shampoo and conditioners to give your hairs a smooth, gloomy and straight impact.

Use the towel that is extra absorbent

If you want to straight your hairs without heating hen techniques go on the hair type that is fine to medium texture. In this context, an extra absorbent towel works to take out the heat from the hairs. You better know that hairs take a long time to get dried up. But by using an extra absorbent shampoo you can remove the moisture soon. These mineral fiber towels help to avoid frizz in the hair. Keep one thing in mind, while you are using the towel to dry your hairs. Do not rub the towel roughly but place it on the tips and then slowly move towards the upper parts.

Brushing the hair with cool air drier

Brush the hairs until they get dried up. And you can use the cool drier to brush your hairs. To straighten up your hairbrush your tips with a little force and tight hands but just for a few minutes. If we talk about the blow-dry, the hot air damages your hair at most. Not just damage but it also encourages the frizz and curls on your hairs. Dry the hairs with the towel first and then blow dry with the cool air. You can do it by section by section. And keep brushing the hairs with the paddle brush.

One thing you will notice that blow-dry with the hot air takes less time but with the cold air they take more time. In case you do not want to use blow-dry or if it is not available then do brushing your hairs on and off until they get dry.

Opt the right products

Engelse says that using the straightening gels fight against the frizz. To get your hairs beautifully straight use the heat protectant but straightening gels. For example, you can opt the L’Oreal’ hair repair gel or Oribe’s gel serum.

Trying some Hair Mask (made at home)

Mask at home (using Milk and Honey)

Make a mask at your home by mixing the one cup of coconut or whole milk with a tablespoon of honey in it. Mix it well and then apply it on your hairs by your hands. Add the scoops using your hands. Left it over rest for one hour until it soaks up into your hairs. This will be little drippy so apply it over the sink and wear a plastic cap. When it soaks completely rinse it with fresh water. Apply these once or twice a week. And you will get the results soon.

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Mask at home (using Milk and egg)

Here is another remedy of making a perfect and nourishing hair mask using the milk and egg. Have 2 cups of coconut milk or whole milk add one egg in it. Whip the mixture in the bowl to make an even solution. Place the bowl in the sink and sit in front of it. Then soak your hairs in hat bowl and eave here for ten minutes.

After ten minutes take your hairs out but do not squeeze them too much. Make a bunn of your hairs and place a plastic wrap around it. The plastic wrap helps to keep the moisture and its heat encourages the fast soaking. After the next 3 minutes, wash your hairs with cold water. Repeat the activity at least two times a week to get better results.

Mask at home (using Milk and lemon)

This is the smoothing mask to make it ad 1 cup of coconut milk, 6 tablespoons of lemon juice, I tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of corn starch in a bowl. Stir it well to make a mixture. Then place the bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds. After taking out whisk it well until it forms an even paste. Then with your fingers apply this mask on your hairs evenly. Let it dry for an hour then rinse it with fresh cold water

How to straight long hairs by night without heat

Hair ties for long straightening overnight

Wet your hairs by using the shower or rinsing in the sink. Make two sections of your hairs and the make the lower ponytail. At the base of your head apply the hair tie and then two inches below bind another tie. Keep applying the ties till the end of your hairs an leave it overnight. In the morning untie your hairs and go with the straightening without heat.

Make it sure that you are not binding the hairs too hard. Tie them loosely because tying tightly leaves the waves or crumps on the hairs.

Point to Ponder: this technique is applicable in case you have fine to medium textured hairs with light waves. But if you have curly hairs it will not work. But it will lose the curls.

So he was all about how to straighten hair without heat. We share the techniques, routinely care and right products with the hope that you will like it. Visit our website for more entertaining and healthy tips.

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