How to Text Your Crush without being Annoying

Having a chat with someone you like is always exciting. But at the same time which is giving you pleasure can annoy the other person. So how to chat with the one we love or like without being annoying is a bit concerning the topic. Here we are demonstrating the best possible ways in which you will know how to text your crush without being annoying. It is a kind of interesting article to read. Texting your crush always brings some anxiety. When you reach this stage you always have some fear in you. Every time you write a text to send it to your crush you always think that it must not be overwhelming. The haunting fear of how to text your crush without being annoying can be eradicated b following some simple ways. Give a read to this article and you will feel relax while maintaining a long chatting with your crush without irritating to text to your crush

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How to Text Your Crush without being Annoying

While you are conveying a message in text ere comes a lot of room for misunderstanding. Message can be taken in such a way that meaning gets changed, or out of the context. This thing can be irritating or overwhelming. To avoid such miscellaneous things consider the following ways. This will help you to avoid being awkward while chatting with your crush.

Write the short texts to your crush

You know our crush he or she knows you as well, you are in the hatting session then must remember that your text should not look like a long essay. Do not talk much let them be in confusion? Intrigued them with your words. But do not make your texts too short. Keep these texts in a way, they may think that you are no more interested in them. Expose your feelings and your heart when you meet them and when you see them on a date. Otherwise sending long texts will be a foolish act.

Stick to one message rule

If you and your crush are having conversation daily this is fine but if it is going and off then you must consider something. That something is, do not send quick messages. And if you are the one to texts first hen do not send more than one message to your crush. Otherwise, it can be irritating. If you keep on texting them it will plague their mind and soul. Do not let them think that you are badgering hem. This frequency thin is up till when you become familiar and comfortable with each other after that it does not even matter. But in the start, the best way of dealing is to follow this one day one message rule.

Do not make any response too quick.

One way of how to text your crush without being annoying is, do not reply too fast. It is an interesting play turn. When your crush sends you a message do not a response to hem hurriedly. Space out the timing of your texts and let them wait for your response. It will induce a positive feeling. This becomes the cause of attraction. But remember one thing does not reply too late that he may get busy with someone else. You can delay 30 minutes or for an hour. This will be fine. Otherwise, he will think that you are over-eager to talk to him. Here it is important to give them the idea that they are not just the priority.

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Do not share too much

Another interesting way to text your crush without being annoying is to talk less about yourself. Let them speak what they want to. While they are talking to you, concentrate on what topics he wants to discuss. Observe what are his concerns and in what things he is showing up concerns. If you talk too much and talk to them all the time you give an impression of being needy. No one remains attractive to a needy person. This thing is not acceptable in even relationships. Give them their space and have your space as well. Just accept the fact that they have a life other than you as well.

Talk Positive and Give Positive Response

Make your responses positive. If you talk about flaws more they might hesitate to talk to you. Maybe they get a feeling that they are not the right fit for you. Or maybe something else. Give them a margin hat if they are having a bad day they can make a comfortable chat with you.

Make an actual chat

A hey without any actual chat is meaningless and it can be irritating as well. When you are sending a text then you should have something to talk about. Otherwise, such useless messages cause irritation. Honestly speaking no one is willing to receive such messages hat bother the flow. So be selective and be stick to your real conversation.

Share some funny memes with your crush

Well, the one way of texting your crush without being irritating is to share the funny memes. It is not fascinating to write long or short texts but sometimes memes sharing can be a relaxing experience. There must be a balance between everything so do not overload your chat with memes too. Just share these kinds of stuff once in a while and that is fine. Be careful about selecting the meme. It should not reflect any bad impression or something out of acceptance. Share some low key and less knowing memes with your crush and wait for his response. If he gives a positive response then you can repeat it another day but if not. Then do not share memes or jokes too often.

Flirt if you want and plan a date

It is ok if you like someone you can share your feelings with them. You can flirt on text but do not just pour out your heart. Keep it in a way that it would not embarrass him or load him. You can plan a date and then you can share your heart. This will be more appealing and more appreciating.

This was about how to text your crush without being annoying.

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