How to wash sneakers in washing machine?

Shoes get very dirty very soon and give an unbearable smell. Washing the shoes is very important as it keeps them clean and fresh. And it pretty simple too. Nowadays, you can even wash your shoes in washing machine instead of hands.

So here is an article for you to follow. It has step by step process for you on HOW TO WASH SNEAKERS IN WASHING MACHINE. 

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Usually sneakers are okay to be washed in a washing machine but you should always check. If the label says ‘hand wash only’ then you should not go for washing machine. But if the label does not mention anything about it, you can check their website online for cleaning recommendations.

  • You should not wash your shoes if they have leather or suede.


You should scrub of dirt clumps from the shoes before putting them in the washing machine. And if the dirt is wet, you should wait to let it dry first.

  • This would make the shoes cleaner later in the washing machine.
  • You should scrub off the visible clumps of dry dirt over a trash can.


Shoe laces get really dirty so you should take them out of the shoes and see if there are any parts that are particularly dirty. If it is so, take a little laundry detergent in your hand and rub the shoelaces with your fingers.

  • This would make the shoes cleaner later in the washing machine.
  • You should keep the shoelaces in a separate mesh bag so that they would not wrap around other stuff and get damaged in the washing machine.


You should wash your shoes with towels. Just put the shoes in a mesh bag and put them in the washing machine along with the mesh bag of shoe laces and a couple of towels.

  • You can easily but mesh bags from department stores or online.
  • Towels are used to prevent the shoes from banging around in the washing room. This keeps the shoes and washing machine from getting damaged.



In the washing machine, go easy on the laundry detergent because it causes the soap residue to build on the shoes which can make your stiff and can even stain them.

  • Do not use hot water in the washing machine.
  • If you have the ‘gentle cycle’ option, use that.


After washing your shoes, it is time to dry them. The best way is to give your shoes their time and put them in front of the dehumidifier, a fan or an open window.

  • You are going to want to put them in a dryer or out in sunlight but this ruins the shape of the shoes. The heat warps the plastic or synthetic fibers.
  • Take out the insoles if there are any let them dry separately.
  • Crumple up some newspapers to stuff them in the shoe. This will keep the shoes in their original shape.


After about 8 to 12 hours, you will see that your shoes are dry and ready to get reassembled. Put the insoles back properly and re-lace them.

  • If you think that your shoes are not clean on a satisfying level, you may have to do the soles separately or have to pass them through laundry again.
  • If your shoes are still not clean, you should think about buying a new pair of shoes and give these to someone in need.
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