Wear your Hair: Top 6 Hacks

Always making sure to play a little with outfits, put on a little makeup before leaving the house every morning, but still looking dull and uninteresting. Unable to understand?

Well that maybe because of your hair style. Your hair has the power to make or destroy your whole look.

Always seen with the same tied up hair, ponytail or bun, makes one look somehow boring and uninterested in general.

Some don’t have a good volume in hair so they are conscious about giving themselves a hairstyle as it doesn’t look very nice.

But we don’t blame you.

Keeping your hair in a good shape always, require some time and effort. And it is not easy too, to be honest.

So here are a few really easy hair hacks for you all.


We all are literally living the same life. Don’t have the time to do a cute hairstyle every morning.

Too tired after a long day at work to even think about doing any hairstyle for the next day. Just want to have a quick shower and get in the comfort of a bed at night. But this easy hair tip will seriously save your life.

After washing your hair, twist your hair up and clip them up or just simply make a loose bun. And go to bed. At morning, open them and give a good little shake to your hair. 

There you go. Perfect soft wavy hair that will make you look like you just came back from a beach vacation. elegant and effortless beauty, without doing anything,all at the same time. It really cannot get any easier ladies!


Sudden plans are the worst. You have no time to even shampoo your greasy hair and if you are out of dry shampoo, it really is the worst.

But you will not find it that bad of a situation after this emergency hack.

A famous hairstylist Mike sell shared that to get the excess oil out of your hair, it is okay to sprinkle some baby powder or talcum powder on to your hair roots.

It will quickly dry it out. And if these powders are now here near you, you can just use face blotting papers or toilet paper even.


Naturally curly hair people, listen up! No need to worry anymore of getting frizzy hair because of the humidity when you are outside.Just do these 2 things:

  1.  After morning shower, just take a tiny amount of olive oil on your hand and apply it on your wet, curly hair. This will save our hair all day from getting frizzy and keep them soft. Unlike other products that make you hair non-frizzy but stiff.
  2. Also, buy yourself a satin pillowcase. This will keep your hair strands to peace while you do nothing and sleep. And you will see you hair are non-frizzy at morning.


Thin hair is hard to work with, you can’t do every hair style you want so you just try to keep them open or use volumizers.

But now you don’t have to buy so many things for hair. You can just use dry shampoo as volumizer.

After you blow-dry your hair, just use a little of your dry shampoo on the roots of your hair and find a drastic difference. Dry shampoo will give body to your hair and will make them look bouncy and rich.


Somebody complimenting you for the nice scent of your hair feels amazing. So to do that you must have heard of using any perfume to make your hair smell good but stop! They are dangerous for your hair.

Some things you can use to make your hair smell good are hair perfumes and rose water.

  1.  Hair perfumes are especially for hair so it is fine to use them. They will keep your hair smelling good for a long time. The you will also nurture your hair.
  2. Rosewater is not just good for skin but also hair. Just spray a little of rosewater on your hairbrush and use it. It will also sustain your hair from getting fizzy.


Not many people know the right way to use hair conditioner.Some people’s way is to use it how we shampoo. But conditioner should not go near the scalp actually. It only causes dandruff or oily scalp. 

Here are a few tips on how to use a conditioner.

  1. So the right way is to take a little conditioner in your hand and  start at least 1-2inches away from your scalp, slide your hand down to the tips of your hair. Now wait for like 2 minutes to let it set and then wash your hair.
  2. Some people prefer to not wash hair thoroughly and leave a little traces of conditioner. This causes hair to stay moisturized and smell nice.
  3. Always use the same line shampoo, as it designed to have the same formulation.

So these were our easiest top 6 hacks for you to never have a bad hair day.  And wear your hair however you want, confidently and always.

Dija Airish

Dija Airish is wife and an Editor at Vogue Babe. She writes on women's health, beauty and makeup tips for beginners. When she's not writing, Dija enjoys reading romantic novels, watching Netflix, and spending far too much time in cooking.

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