What are the 5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer became common in women that why it’s very important to give information about the early signs of breast cancer to the public widely. So that they can acknowledge the early symptoms or signs of breast cancer. Any disease can be cured if we catch it early stage. Same like this, cancer patients can also be a cure if cancer symptoms detect at an early stage. This disease appears in women when they cross 40, but breast cancer grows at an early stage. This article has what are the 5 warning signs of breast cancer.

So it is important that we should detect breast cancer at an early age so you can get treatment of breast cancer before it gets worse. Detection of lumps that everyone talks about is an indicator that you have cancer that is in an advanced stage. That’s why Medical Associations warn to checkup on a regular basis so that cancer can be detected as early as possible.

There are some symptoms and signs of breast cancer that we can easily notice by ourselves like changing in shape of the breast, also in skin and nipple as well. But some signs are not easy to see.

What are the 5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

1. Itching, Redness, and Pain

One of the main signs of breast cancer. If someone feels pain, swelling and burning on every time you touch the breast and also feel the sensitivity of the breast lasts after menstruation, it may be a type of cancer that is known as inflammatory. At this stage of cancer very few people, almost 3% can guess the disease. The skin of a cancer person may look peel and blue spots appear, and also look like cellulite. The cancer patients think that it is an allergic reaction. At this stage, this disease progresses very fast and it blocks the blood vessels that nourish the skin and the result appears in the form of cancer symptoms.

2. Changing start from the nipple

Other signs of breast cancer are changing in the shape of the breast. Normally changing starts from the nipple. Tumor normally visible below the nipple. Cancerous cells become the cause of change the skin of the nipple, its shape and also some changing in its texture. Sometimes unusually something is discharged from the nipples like milk, blood and something like liquid, it is a very serious and alarming sign to take it serious an go to the doctor and stop the tumor at the beginning. Some home remedies for cancer treatment can also be tried.

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3. Changes in the form

Change in the shape of the breast is one of the signs of breast cancer. Sometimes Cancer patients noticed that both breasts are different from each other, it is because the tissue slides in or moves to the other side. So it is an important thing for women, that every time she takes bath must notice her breast on a regular basis.

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer
Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

If you notice any signs of breast cancer that are mention above then Don’t wait for lumps, please urgently contact to the specialist that will explain it after some tests or special checkup. Early diagnose of such serious disease can save a life. So take care of your health and observe your body on a regular basis.

4. Back pain

In many cases of breast cancer, some women feel back pain between the shoulder blades. Patients feel pain like aching muscles and spine. But in some cases of breast cancer the cancerous tissue that develops deep in the chest, causes pain around the spine and ribs also. And it is possible that tumors can spread in these parts of the body.

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5. Pain in underarms and Hypersensitivity

Research proves that breast cancer first spread in lymph knots of the armpit. This swelling appears before breast changes its shape and color. Tissues in the armpits can be hard but if it pains then it is an alarming sign and a serious reason enough.

So if you see any of the above symptoms in your breast than it is one of the warning signs of breast cancer and you should immediately consult with your doctor or also can try these home remedies for cancer treatment.

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