Why married man cheat his woman, possible reasons

Why married man cheat his woman, Possible reasons are here. Frustration…!! frustration in marriage is one common trigger. We hear, since our childhood, fairy-tail-like marriages and live happily ever after. But not often these dreams come true. A time comes mostly in everyone’s life when reality of married life hits, when married man cheats her woman and ruin the dreams of a happily married life. As time passes, the real meaning of the relationship goes haywire.

Even sometime in the most perfect marriage or relationship, a time come when married man cheats his woman by falling in love with another woman, or find ways to to live outside the home. In this situation they suppose that they are very busy in office work or in his business, have no time for her wife and finally soon they leave her and marry to someone else.

Reasons why married man cheat his woman

The question is that why married man cheat his woman. According to my research married man cheat his woman for multiple reasons, here we discuss possible reasons in detail, that’s why married man cheat his woman and ready to risk his married life:

1. Motivations differ by Gender:

why married man cheat his woman possible reasons

Men who have affairs usually want to make more love or more attention, want a chill Se.. life and a life partner who express his feelings passionately. Because normally they express their love in a more physical way. Actually they often don’t have words to express their love for their wives so making love is the only way to connection and intimacy. And if men are not satisfied, may be it is because of that their wives play no part in making love, only husbands do everything, this act make the feelings of “unloved” in them. Same like women, men also want admiration and desire to beloved and cherished from his partner, when this desire doesn’t come true they feel bored from their wives. And that’s why married man cheat his woman to get this satisfaction, men go to extreme, find alternative ways to complete this satisfaction, even don’t care about their married life.

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why married man cheat his woman possible reasonsIn one survey of men and women, who are involved in extramarital affairs, both gender admitted that they were hoping to improve their love lives. Because lack of satisfaction in marriage life effect on all activities or all other relations.

2. Back to Adolescence:

why married man cheat his woman possible reasonsA Married man always wants a life, where he is like a parent or like a leader, he don’t like strictness, he want life where there is no one who said him that why you come late..??,  where there is no being overprotective about their phones, or reminding him against his duties of a committed relationship. Normally husbands struggle through this type of adolescence, and they got fed-up from the duties of a committed relationship, that’s why married man cheat his woman, leading them to stray.

3. Man don’t like Tears:

why married man cheat his woman possible reasonsUsually, women who cry for little things and fight with their husbands with no reasons, husband don’t like such type of women. This behavior is extremely disturbing for them. It often make men feel guilty, responsible of their tears and make them weak. Generally, man wants to live a chill life, he feels uncomfortable around tears, so he finds the ways to escape from that place. By weeping and fighting, women create a space between both of them. And then start the journey where men complete his dissatisfaction and in other words that’s one of the reason why married man cheat his woman.

4. Understanding between partners:

married man cheat his woman possible reasonsUnderstanding between partners is very important part of married life. If there is no understanding between a couple, there 99% chance that married man cheats his woman. I personally saw many examples of married couples who broke up only because of lack of understanding between them. Generally, it is difficult for men to express his feelings for his partner. He wants someone who understand his feelings, his thoughts and his needs without saying anything. And when fails to get this satisfaction, that’s why married man cheat his woman. So sometimes it is important for a wife to understand his life partner no doubt it is difficult to do this but it is very important responsibility of every woman to save her married life.

5. Forgiveness among couples:

married man cheat his woman possible reasonsLife is the name of struggle. After marriage, a man faces many problems in business and sometimes put his stress on his wife in form of anger, and in this situation man wants his wife to understand him and forgive him. When this doesn’t happened, wife also shout loudly and fight with him, man feels his life in darkness, and he wants to replace this darkness into light he find other ways, and that’s why married man cheat his woman.Because a man does struggle for his wife and family therefore he expect his wife to live with him, and a good wife is one who live with her man in every thick and thin and also to safe her married life.

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6. Man wants an independent woman:

 Mostly, a man feels strong when his wife totally depends on his man for small things like to fix anything on wall or opening a jar lid of jam, even that everything that is purchase and bring to home is of husband’s choice. Husbands feels his importance in the house and actually in the eyes of his wife.But it doesn’t mean that a woman totally A to Z depend to his husband in some situations it goes wrong. Sometimes husbands got inspired with the women word in his office. He saw that they are strong and independent. Same like this he wants her wife to be like his colleagues. And thus he indulged in office parties and want more time with colleagues because he feels happy in their company and most of the time married man cheats his woman. In this situations both husband and wife have to discuss with each other the real matter. Both have to give little bit space to another. Husband feel proud when his wife enjoys his life, he feels more relax when his wife has a life of her own- having her own job, hanging out with her friends and shopping for his hubby and children. And wife should do things that her husband likes.

why married man cheat his woman possible reasonsWants a change in life:

 Man get bored after few years of marriage, he wants something new and change in his life, he finds himself bond around office and home, and also want to escape himself from it. For this he finds new ways to cheer up himself, may be friendship with his female colleagues, or go to a place like club, where more female friends can become and a chance can increase to start a new affair and possibly married man cheats his woman. This unstable situation of married life may be make him feel against instead of secure. Man, instead of spice up his life, he is in search of external affair.

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Cheat List:

Why married man cheat his woman, possible reasons that ruins married life and someone may engage in some of these, and behind an extramarital affair these reasons are counted.  So everyone must have to avoid these things before worst things happen. There reasons are under below:

  1. Conflict avoidance
  2. Sexless marriage
  3. Ego or arrogance
  4. Opportunity
  5. Desire to sow wild oats
  6. Insecurity
  7. Addiction
  8. Hormonal changes
  9. Escapism from daily life
  10. Revenge
  11. Feeling trapped
  12. Selfish or self-centered
  13. Having a mental illness
  14. Because he/she can
  15. Sense of entitlement
  16. Validation of manhood or womanhood
  17. Boost self-esteem
  18. Thrill of the chase

These are the problems that eat up a relation from roots, and couples must have to avoid from these to get a happy and satisfied life.

One thing that must be kept in mind to a couple is that, if one person both of them committed to an affair then couple can be decide to move on, either together or separate but important thing is that both have to communicate on any problem openly with each other and learn a good lesson from it.

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